Shady McCoy Trade… Farewell

Shady McCoyI turn my thoughts back 5 years. It was Easter, April 4th, 2010 when we were really blindsided. I don’t recall hearing any rumblings prior to finding out the news that, at least by my standards, the greatest quarterback in Philadelphia history had been traded to the Washington Redskins. Donovan McNabb was no longer with the Eagles and I don’t think anybody saw it coming. It was a bitter pill to swallow but you know what? It turned out to be the right move.

When I woke up this morning though I honestly forgot that it happened yesterday. It felt too surreal. Shady McCoy, arguably the best RB in Eagles history is now gone. I guess at least this time we had rumblings beforehand though? This Shady McCoy trade is another bitter pill though.

But first, lets switch sports for a second. Ryan Howard. Once beloved Philadelphia superstar who led the Phillies to National League Championships and our jewel 2008 World Series. He was 2005 Rookie of the Year, 2006 MVP, 5 time all star, he could practically do no wrong. What happened there? The Phillies gave him a thank you for greatness, paid him what he was worth at the time, a 25 million dollar, 5 year extension, and 18 months later he blows out his achilles. 4 years later unfortunately 90% of Philadelphia hates him because he’s overpaid and not worth the price.

Shady McCoy was set to make around 10 million dollars this year which is very close to the highest salary of any RB and he still had a couple more years left worth over 7 million. He’s 27 and not getting any younger. Yes, I loved watching Shady run. He was absolutely phenomenal and his cuts are probably the closest thing we’ve seen since Barry. An amazing sight and he will be missed. I don’t think last year’s down year was entirely his fault. Next year will probably be gut wrenching watching him waste away in Buffalo. However, imagine never giving Ryan Howard that extension, watching him pop his achilles in 2011 and then walking away in 2012 at the end of his contract. How would you feel about that? 100% of this city would be much happier.

In return for Shady, we get a younger, possibly game changing stud linebacker who is far, far cheaper. My main concern is Kiko Alonso has a bad injury history. It’s scary. But Kiko’s on-the-field numbers for his only full season may be scarier… for offenses. He’s a game changer. Eagles fans have been pleading for linebackers for years. We now have 2 really good LBs in Alonso and Kendricks and a ton of cap room.

Another worry though is about where Shady’s lost production will come from. When they let DeSean walk, I wasn’t this worried. He only showed up for a few games a year anyway so how bad could it be? That turned out pretty bad. We didn’t replace his production with anyone and we missed the playoffs by only 1 of those 4 games DeSean could have showed up for. Shady was there, front and center, for every game. I like Polk but he is not scaring defenses like Shady, or even DeSean did. We lost our two scariest weapons in back to back seasons. You have to reload the gun at some point and I don’t know who’s gonna replace Shady.

It looks like 2015 will be a rebuilding season. At least 7 new starters on defense will need to gel and who knows what the offense will look like. Back to back 10-6 seasons where you thought we were moving forward were just rebooted. 6 months ago it felt like the Eagles would be closest to winning anything in this city but it looks like the Sixers may be the best hope of bringing us a championship at this point. That is until Sam Hinkie trades Embiid tomorrow.

Officially a cord cutter. For real this time.

Krusty lighting cigaretteSo my cable was switched off in the wee hours of last night. I woke up and my cable no longer worked. It feels like I forgot to pay the bill or something. Or maybe I just choose not to pay the exorbitant price of cable TV when I found myself mostly watching ABC, CBS and NBC. Here goes nothing. Readily equipped with a Mohu Leaf, I’m anxious to see how this whole cord cutter thing plays out. I also have a Mohu Leaf Ultimate shipping that should be here Saturday and a discounted (thank you credit card perks) 3 month subscription of Hulu that I’m planning on starting at the end of the month when all the shows come back in full force. Let’s go over the plan.

We always start the day watching a mix of NBC local news and PBS for some Sesame Street or some Martha Speaks. She’s not always right but still that Martha speaks. Regardless, it’s all free over the air.

Come home from work… What to watch? Perhaps last nights Colbert Report from the web streaming to my Chromecast through Plex. The same episode that Comedy Central would play at 7pm anyway but this one’s free. Maybe I’ll tack on some Daily Show while I’m at it.

Afterwards, depending on what the toddler’s plans are, we can watch some free Crackle. I have a lot of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to catch up on. I also have a ton of Always Sunny’s to catch up on with my Amazon Prime Instant. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll have plenty of Hulu to catch up on.

Prime time? Whats on ABC/CBS/NBC? The shows I was watching anyway but paying out the wahoo for. All free OTA. Actually, tonight, I’ll be watching what most of America will be watching. The first NFL game of the season. Except I won’t be paying to watch it. Nope, I’m watching it for free. Just like every Eagles game and all the other football games I would normally watch all day, every Sunday. Looks like I’m on my way to saving $70-80 bucks a month without even blinking. That sounds like a win to me.

I’m still just nauseous thinking about all the money I’ve wasted over the years. All the years I was paying for cable so that I could watch nothing but Stargate and Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. That Summer I watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune every night from 7-8. The years where all I cared about was Lost. All those years I was filling up my DVR on ABC, CBS and NBC shows, essentially paying $80+ a month for a hard drive to store free TV shows on. But no longer will I be lighting cigarettes with $100 bills. No longer will I be betting against the Harlem Globetrotters. Nope, I’m no longer handing money over at gunpoint to a way overpowered, overpriced oligopoly (well except for the internet… there’s still no way around that one that I know of). I’m officially a cord cutter.

Adios Cable. I’m Officially a Cable Cutter

cable cutterWell it’s settled. Just got off the phone with Verizon and only 2 more weeks until I’m officially a cable cutter. I do have to thank FiOS for making it as painless as possible. With all the Comcast horror stories circling the Internet lately, I was ready for just about anything. Just know you’ll have to call FiOS to get anything done; the online chat support is essentially worthless.

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been testing the over the air for months now and it has its hiccups but it’s completely doable. I’ve changed my watching habits ahead of time (I feel like I’m watching a lot less TV which is probably good) and hopefully we’ll survive the Fall sweeps without a DVR. I know there are a lot of non cable, OTA, DVR options but I’m going to try and save the money for now. And my credit card rewards already got me a deal where I was able to buy 3 months of Hulu for less than the price of 2. I guess that’s really how I’ll be surviving sweeps.

So I thought I’d be switching to Comcast’s Internet only Blast 105 package and have been telling myself their far inferior Internet would be survivable since I’d be switching from my direct 50/50 FiOS line to a shared 105 Comcast line. I thought it’d be a good deal cheaper so I sold myself on it. In the end, FiOS was able to come through and match the price. The savings were too good to pass up.

So in the end, starting next month I will only have Internet in this house. As scary as that sounds, the extra money we’ll be saving brings a tear to my eye. We’re talking probably $1000 year. Those $1000 savings over 20 years compounded at 7% comes to almost $50,000. Or maybe we can afford to take the toddler to Disney World. Regardless, that’s some expensive TV.

Now I only wish Ruben Amaro would put a better product on the field so I wouldn’t miss watching the Phillies as much. That part’s going to suck but Ruben made it all a little bit easier.

Get Rid of Cable – Picture Quality

Only about 2 more months until my FiOS cable contract is up. Honestly, I have already contacted them to see what kind of deals they could give me to stay but they don’t want to hear anything about it; all they keep trying to do is upsell me on features when all I’m trying to do is lower my bill. I can’t wait to call them and cancel. This week I have started my testing phase where I’m trying to use my cable box as little as possible and use my current infrastructure. For instance, instead of watching the new season of Under the Dome that I have on my DVR, i’m using my Amazon Prime subscription through my PS3. Maybe I’m crazy but the picture quality from Prime is noticeably better than my cable. It looks real good. So now both over-the-air TV and Prime appear to have better picture quality than the cable that I pay for. In a week, I’m going to sign up for a free trial of Hulu Plus so I’m definitely curious to see what that picture quality is like. I’ll keep you posted.

On a side note, FiOS threw me a 2 month free HBO subscription for my 2 year anniversary. It’s most likely to try and get me to keep paying for it after the 2 months is up but regardless I’ve been checking it out. Not on the cable box though. I absolutely hate navigating OnDemand. It’s slow and cumbersome and a travesty. Instead, I’ve been playing with HBO Go on the Apple TV which has a way superior interface.

Really, so far, the only thing my wife and I think cable does better is allow us to put on better background TV… you know, the stuff that we put on when we’re doing other things and not really watching i.e. those hundreds of channels you pay for but don’t really need. Our problem without cable is going to be whenever we put something on, we’re actually going to watch it and not ignore it. I’m still not quite sure that’s a problem.

Sixers 2014 NBA Draft Recap

Sixers Ben Franklin LogoAfter waiting what seemed like a lifetime, the 2014 NBA draft finally came and went and the Sixers are now probably guaranteed to win the NBA championship for the next 5 years in a row. Get ready for a parade down Broad St around this time next year. Here’s my very convoluted Sixers 2014 NBA Draft recap.

In all reality though, last year’s 19 win season is going to seem very ambitious for the 14-15 squad. Heck, 10 games might be tough. This team might break the losing streak record, win a game and then break the record a 2nd time next year. At least last year’s squad started the year with Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. They’re not going to make you contenders but at least they were players with some NBA experience. As of right now, next year, Thad’s gonna be it. MCW is gonna be pretty high on the tenure list with his 1 Rookie of the Year year under his belt. We’ll be suiting up MCW… wait, lets just go over what happened.

So much has happened since the lottery last month. Embiid’s back problems turned out to be minor and he shot up to the #1 pick making Andrew Wiggins look like E.T. Then a week ago, Embiid broke his stinking foot and all hell broke loose. The last week was brutal, full of speculation as to what was going to happen. Wiggins, Parker, Parker, Wiggins; and how far was, apparently injury prone, Embiid going to fall? Well like I said would happen after the lottery, Andrew Wiggins went 1 to the Cavs because you can’t pass on Riggin for Wiggins. Parker then went 2 to the Bucks. Then, with the 3 pick, the Sixers just couldn’t pass up on the chance to draft “The Dream 2.0”, Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid SixersWhen you watch Embiid, you can’t help but get excited. His highlight reel puts anyone else in this year’s draft to shame. If he can come back healthy, and stay that way, the Sixers will be contenders. He looks that unbelievably talented. Apparently his back was just a minor injury because the dude has a long way to fall and he fell hard on it. The foot injury on the other hand is scary. Others have had it, others have come back fine, others have not. Big men with foot problems are scary. I’m not so sure Embiid is a typical big man though. Sure, he’s 7’0, but he’s not necessarily big. He’s tall, he’s long, he’s quick as hell for a big. He’s like a gazelle on the floor, definitely not a plodding Shaq. Regardless, there’s a 95% chance he isn’t suiting up for the Sixers next season and he’ll take the Nerlens Noel route. Here’s to health and quick return but we won’t see him until ’15-’16.

So the 10 rolls around and this was the most interesting pick leading up to the draft I felt. No idea what could happen and rumors had the Sixers taking anyone and everyone including trading the pick. Picks 4-7 didn’t go in expected order but the expected players fell. Then Stauskas jumps to 8, Vonleh continues to fall and eyelids go up. Then Vonleh goes 9 and none of those 2nd tier players made it to 10 as we hoped. What was Hinkie to do? Well he takes draft board skyrocketer Elfrid Payton of course. I mean why not take another PG who can’t shoot? Everyone’s baffled, MCW has one of the most awkward televised interviews ever and by time everything settles, Payton is on the move. Hinkie is taking heat but he held Payton hostage and the Magic paid the ransom. It was a stellar move in my opinion.

Hinkie knew the Magic were high on Payton so he roped them into taking the man he always wanted, Croatian Dario Saric, swapping the players PLUS getting us a 2015 2nd rounder and a 2017 1st rounder. This was tough to swallow at first. We all knew Saric just resigned with some foreign team for 2 years with a 3rd year player option. We won’t see Embiid next year and we won’t see Saric for probably 2. I say probably because Saric has since stated that he isn’t a liar, he will play for the Sixers in the future AND he will talk to his foreign team after the 1st year and see if he can come to play for the Sixers early, perhaps only a year from now.

People will be crying about that one for a while though because Doug McBuckets was still available but I’m fine with it. Sure, McDermott was awesome in college but this is the NBA. He can shoot the lights out but he’s gonna be way to specialized to be the 10th overall pick. Instead, we got Dario Saric who is 6’10, long, quick, athletic and could be special. Plus we got a ’15 2nd and the ’17 1st rounder BACK that we wouldn’t have had because we sent that pick away for Andrew freakin Bynum.

Oh, but who’s gonna score next year? Who cares who’s gonna score next year, we’re gonna be terrible regardless. You think McDermott is gonna right the ship? No! And even if somehow he was Ray Allen in his prime and the team gelled, if we make the playoffs next season, we lose our 1st round lottery protected pick. Instead, we will keep our ’15 1st rounder and it’s gonna be super high, most likely top 5 again. That’s interesting in it’s own right though cause at the moment, it’s all bigs at the top of the 2015 mock drafts. If nothing changes, which it will, but if nothing changes, we just trade down a few spots, get that 2 guard that we need and stash more assets.

Someone tweeted last night a perfect tweet. I’ll paraphrase but it went something like everyone in Philadelphia screams for Ruben Amaro to blow up the Phillies and start from scratch but when the Sixers blow it up and start from scratch, everyone just freaks out. C’mon now. C’mon now. It makes total sense people. If there ever was a league built for blowing it up entirely and building it back up again, it would be the NBA. Rebuilding from scratch isn’t a 1 year thing. Sure next year won’t be as fun to watch as the MCW, Stauskas, Wiggins, Thad, Noel that could have happened in an alternate universe but it could be better in the long run.

In the long run, we’ll have options. If all 3 pan out, even if Embiid can’t go all the time, we’ll have Saric, Noel, Embiid. We can play small? with the first two or play big with the latter two. We can put them all on the court at the 3,4 and 5 and just make the entire court disappear. We’ll have some depth. MCW improves his shot at the 1, we go find someone who can shoot at the 2 and now we’re talking. We’ll have tons of cap space. Some legit FAs might wanna come to Philly to win some championships. Perhaps an Andrew Wiggins after his rookie contract? I just hope he has a press conference on ESPN and then choses the Sixers.

And maybe none of this comes to pass. Maybe it’s all for naught and Sam Hinkie blew it all. All I know is losing in the first round of the playoffs each year was worthless and maybe no one watches the Sixers next year but we can still love them and hope for a brighter future. Watching the same teams win all the time gets old. Let’s get the Sixers back on the map.

Phew. This was a long one. I’m not proofreading it. I apologize for the typos, unfinished thoughts and frantic ramblings. I can’t read or write.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Upgrade

Sorry for the delay between updates. It’s not you, it’s me. I should have given you the same warning that I’d be MIA just like I gave my family. I’ve been busy with a super important project that I’m working on. Super important. What could be so important? Well I decided that I was finally going to make a push for my Clash of Clans town hall 9 upgrade.

I won’t get into the exact specifics but about 17 days ago I realized I wanted my TH9 upgrade to finish 20 days from that time. That’s 3 days from now if you’re a math expert. I had to make a pretty aggressive push, by my standards, to make that happen. Spreadsheets may have been involved. I decided after jumping a tad early to TH8 that I wouldn’t jump to another TH without maxing everything and getting all of my walls to L7. Essentially I had to make at least 1 million gold a day for practically 2 weeks straight in order to get all of those necessary upgrades complete and my walls to the purple level 7s. For some, that’s not a lot of playing time but for me, that was a commitment.

I’m happy to say though that I made it ahead of schedule, all of my important upgrades are now complete and I’m just finishing up some lesser important upgrades with the TH9 upgrade scheduled to finish on time this Thursday. That puts my time spent maxing TH8 at just over 4 months. I don’t know if I’ll ever max TH9. It’s probably going to be impossible given the amount of time (and no money) that I put into the game. However I’ll happily accept a 2nd D.E. drill to make getting an Archer Queen a tad easier and I’ll love looking at a couple X-bows sitting in the middle of my base, piecing up attackers. Mongolians! Stay away from my city wall!

The Phillies Downfall

This has been a long time coming. The Phillies are dead and it’s going to be a while before we see any meaningful baseball in Philadelphia. This team is a disgrace and I finally got disgusted the other night when I turned on the ball game and you could see the disgust on Chase Utley’s face as he watched his team’s performance. The team was shut out for the 7th time in their last 27 games including that lovely, unforgettable, abysmal, no hitter.

This team hasn’t been able to score in years. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.

They won the World Series in 2008 because the team could downright hit, plus they had a bullpen that was outstanding. But don’t forget how well the team could hit. They could smash; they had power from both sides of the plate. That team was never out of it. I remember always thinking that year that if we could get to any team’s bullpen, we were going to win the ballgame. Cole Hamels came into his own that postseason but our winningest pitcher was Jamie Moyersaurus. Pat Gillick’s philosophy was hitting and we were the best team in the world that year because of that philosophy. Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Burrell, Werth, Feliz, Senor Octobre. They could smash.

In 2009 right handed Burrell walks and he was replaced by lefty Ibanez who started hot, got injured and was never hot again. It’s hard for any team to win 2 in a row though. Ruben went out and acquired Cliff Lee which bolstered the rotation, they stormed to the Series and unfortunately couldn’t win it. They just were not the better team. The pen wasn’t as strong that year, the hitting wasn’t as timely that year but their pitching was no worse than the year before and it wasn’t the problem.

So in 2010, after we lost because we couldn’t outscore the smashing Yankees whose bats weren’t going to be stopped by any rotation, period, we swapped Lee for Doc Halladay and Feliz for Polanco. Really, not so bad but we came up against the eventual World Series champion Giants who were the hot team AND because we couldn’t score. Again.

Jayson Werth & Davey LopesSo we could’t score like we could in 2008 so what does Ruben Amaro do in 2010? He says, we have a tiny ballpark, we’re having trouble scoring, instead of building a team around our ballpark and play on what had been successful, he says let’s bring in more pitching. I mean, let’s take great pitching, put them in our smaller ballpark and take away their advantage, rather than bring in hitters that could use the ballpark to their advantage. He has Halladay, gets Lee back and eventually Roy Oswalt to pair with Cole. He wants his “Four Horseman”. But he lets Jayson Werth walk. That right there was the end. That was the Phillies downfall. I said it then and I’ll say it now. That was THE mistake. CBP can boo Werth all they want when he comes back but EVERY SINGLE PERSON BOOING would have left in that situation. Smaller market D.C. should not have been able to steal Werth from us. And don’t forget the other huge, huge, huge mistake. They let Davey Lopes walk over $50 and a bag of balls. The team that was having problems hitting before now lost another right handed power bat who was the only hitter who could actually work a count. And with Lopes leaving, the team was never effective on the base paths again. So we get to the playoffs and lose to the, this time, eventual World Champion Cardinals. Why? Because we couldn’t hit and scored 6 runs in our last 3 games. That last game was a shut out.

Downhill can’t even describe the team since then. It’s abysmal. A team based on hitting that won the series was turned into a pitching team that can’t make the playoffs. Why? Because they can’t hit. Remember that stat from earlier? The Phillies were just shut out 7 times in the last 27 games. You can’t have our ballpark and go all in on pitching. That’s handicapping your strength and just makes no sense. This is Ruben Amaro’s sword and he needs to fall on it. How he still has a job is beyond me. Let him go the Astros and let someone else try to rebuild this team. Ruben has screwed it up so badly we probably can’t even blow it up due to contracts but start rebuilding from the ground up so that when we can finally dump contracts, we’re ready. Just get rid of Ruben now, not later, now. This team hasn’t been decent in 3 years. They haven’t been good in 4 and it’s been 6 years since we’ve won. The Phillies are dead.

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

CBS Golden TicketPhilly Beer Week 2014 is upon us and although I don’t typically plan to take full advantage of it each year, I do keep my eye out for an event or 2 to check out. Yesterday I found and caught my white whale despite thinking the ship had sailed long ago so to speak. In an age of hops, hops and more hops, I buck the trend and consider myself a stout man. Well yesterday, Capone’s Restaurant had a Bourbon Barrel Aged event. I saw the tweet midweek… Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout.

I didn’t even know it was possible anymore. I only had my sights on Kentucky Breakfast Stout and was going to make a point to grab it this week but Canadian Breakfast Stout? C’mon now, that has to be too good to be true. Founders stopped making it years ago. I’ve heard, at one point, bottles on the Internet were going for triple figures. I started thinking maybe Capone’s was going to be having just another bottle raffle for CBS like they had a few years ago but there’s no way they’re actually having it on tap. And I thought the event was going to be so packed I wouldn’t get near it anyway even if it was.

Founders Canadian Breakfast StoutI figured I’d get there at 9:45AM for a 10AM tapping and if I didn’t get the Canadian Breakfast Stout, hey, at least I’d get the consolation prize of Kentucky Breakfast Stout since they were pouring that too. I really couldn’t lose, so last week flew by. So I pulled up at 9:45 and the line was already around the building… uh oh. People came behind me within seconds and they counted… 60 people in front of me. We were good. We were getting CBS today! I got a golden, or pink, ticket and I was set. On a side note, I’m pretty sure you could have shown up around 10:15AM and possibly still sniffed the last of the CBS but you definitely wouldn’t have had a place to sit down.

We got in and they traded you a 5.5oz pour of CBS for your ticket as you walked through the door. I proceeded to my seat. Every taste got better and better. I believe this was a 2010 batch but I’m not positive. Everything I read beforehand was true though. It may have aged a little too long and all of the coffee was gone however the maple really, really took over. It was sweet though but not too sweet. And smooth? It was oh so smooth. The alcohol was gone. It was really unbelievable. I tend to prefer beers under 7% abv. This was 9-10% but it was amazing.

Capone's TaplistThe only unfortunate thing about drinking the CBS, aside from never being able to drink it again, was I drank a supposedly really good Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin next and it wasn’t even in the same league as the CBS and then I followed that up with a Kentucky Breakfast Stout and it was better than the Merkin but, in my opinion, not nearly as good as the smooth, smooth Canadian Breakfast Stout. On Saturday I woke up with 239 Untappd uniques and I finished the day with 242 uniques and one of them was a Canadian Breakfast Stout. I’m still kind of shocked.

Next year I could make the trip to Santa Rosa for some Pliny the Younger. One day I could decide to brave the insanity of Munster, Indiana for Dark Lord Day. But for now, CBS is only going to get rarer and rarer. I’m sure someday Founders will remake a batch of CBS. The demand will just be too strong not to. Someday. Until then though, my quest is to find a new stout that can hold a candle to Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. Challenge accepted.

Will Ferrell… the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

will-ferrell-chad-smith-drum-offThank you Jimmy Fallon. I have been waiting for something like this for more than a decade. Chad Smith, the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has been around a long time but very few knew who he was until they started questioning “Is Will Ferrell the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers?”. The dopplegangerness is uncanny. Jimmy Fallon finally connected the dots and made this happen and to that I’m grateful. The event turned out better than I ever imagined. Here it is… Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith… I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cowbell!

2014 NBA Mock Draft

2014 NBA LotteryPlayoffs? What playoffs? Nobody cares about the playoffs. The markets left in the playoffs at this point have a population of like 12. Sure, a Heat/Spurs Finals rematch might be a great series to watch but, honestly, last night the world stopped and everyone set their sights on the future. And after having the 2014 NBA Lottery circled on my calendar for practically 10 months, it finally came to pass. Now we have a month to kill ourselves over 2014 NBA Mock Draft after mock draft.

Lets just cut to the chase. The Cavs fittingly got the #1 pick. I mean with a 1% chance this year and something like a .007% chance to get it for a 3rd time in 4 years, why wouldn’t they get the #1 pick? Who else should get the prime opportunity to screw everything up and continue being Cleveland? I’m saying it right now, there’s no way Wiggins doesn’t go #1. Everyone’s a bunch of liars if they think someone else goes #1. In the beginning of the year, it was Riggin for Wiggins. At the end of the year, it’s still Riggin for Wiggins. If you think anything else will happen, stop it… just stop it.

At that point, things fell in order. The Bucks get #2 and a choice between Embiid and Parker. I’m going to say they go with Parker because WHY DOES ANYONE WANT A BIG MAN WHO’S BEEN PLAYING BASKETBALL FOR 3 YEARS AND ALREADY HAS BACK PROBLEMS? Sure, Embiid may be great but why do you gamble with this pick? Take Parker and get an immediate impact player.

At #3, the Sixers got let off the hook and the fans got screwed. Yes, when management gets let off the hook, it goes hand in hand with the fans getting screwed. The management now doesn’t have to make a decision. They get to select the 3rd player; the left over. And that won’t be Wiggins. It’s probably going to be the big man with back problems. They say Embiid bulked up a bit since his injury and you can hope it’ll make a difference but in the end, we just gotta hope.

But at least the Celtics and Lakers got screwed and didn’t jump up into the top 3. Screw them. Enough is enough.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, and then the Sixers got their #10 pick from New Orleans so that should add another player whom I’m not even going to speculate on because it’s hard enough worrying about the first 3 picks. Well not the 1st pick. That’s easy to speculate on because if anyone says Wiggins isn’t going #1, they’re liars. Stop it… just stop it. Regardless, early mock drafts show Gordon going around 7-8 but have Doug McBuckets actually going AFTER the Sixers pick so I’ll just wonder if Hinkie will take the best complimentary pick to go with our #3 or just take the best player available at the #10 spot. For now I’ll trust Hinkie and hope we finally get some meaningful basketball back in Philadelphia for the first time in a long time. The General are due!