Chrome’s the Word

Tech / Monday, March 29th, 2010

Don’t you know that Chrome is the word?
I have officially switched over to Google Chrome. I tried it when it first came out but wasn’t impressed enough to make the switch. Maybe I didn’t give it a good enough chance. Then a couple weeks ago Taylor suggested that I re-evaluate the browser so I gave it another shot. I kept the Firefox icon on my quicklaunch bar because it’s so hard to part ways with something that you’ve been using for so many years. I mean a web browser isn’t just something you use… the way I’m on the Internet, it’s as much a part of my lifestyle as my car. Actually more. I spend way more time on it and it gets me way more places. However, after becoming completely fed up with Firefox’s bloat, I’ve finally decided that I’m not going back. Every time I accidentally open up Firefox I am reminded why I’m sticking with Chrome. It takes forever for Firefox to open just so that I can close it. Incredibly annoying. I have deleted the shortcut from my quicklaunch bar just to avoid dealing with the annoyance. Chrome runs so quickly it’s ridiculous. Sure it’s taking some getting used to but I’m pretty sure I’ve been way happier since I made the switch.

Now if I could only make the permanent switch to Gmail, I’d be completely under the Google empire. I tried that change a couple months ago but switching an email address is a way more complicated switch to make. I just sort of gave up. Any tips from anyone on making that change would be helpful. There are an awful lot of places that have my old email addresses scattered all over the web. Hey, at least I know that Chrome will get me to those places rather quickly now.

Update at 6:30PM – I had to go and give it the evil eye. I found my first Chrome hate… There’s no warning before closing multiple tabs. I’ve done it twice tonight now. Uh oh.

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  1. I told you Chrome is better than Firefox! If you set your start-up preferences to reopen the last open tabs, you can ensure it will relaunch your pages in case of an accidental closure.

    As for the emails, when I made the switch to Google’s empire, I just set Gmail up to pull email from all of my other accounts (which was easy because they were POP3 and Gmail has a feature to do that).

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