The League

Fantasy, Hilarious, Television / Friday, July 15th, 2011

Just finished watching The League: Season 1 on Netflix. Only 6 episodes but ridiculously hilarious. I don’t know why I never watched it before or why none of my “friends” recommended it. Apparently I have no friends. The 6 episodes are only about 2 hours combined. I suggest you go watch it.

And I can’t wait for Fantasy Football. Only 43 days until the draft.

What I’m watching: The League

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  1. Bullshit! I told you how awesome that show was months ago, but you were all, “It’s not Stargate.” and shit.

  2. Now you’re lying to me. All you ever tell me to watch is Friday Night Lights. You’re even worse than not being a friend; you’re an anti-friend. You’re against the entire idea of being my friend.

  3. I’ll try harder next time. I’ll just put you in a triangle choke and threaten only to let go when you start watching the show right then and there. Obviously recommendations in non-life threatening situations can cut it.

  4. I haven’t watched it yet but heard good things. You can GFY though, cause I’m the reason you watch Archer now.

  5. What does Archer have to do with anything? Archer’s funny, real funny, but I think The League is funnier. I’ve only seen the first season which is only 6 episodes but it’s insanely funny. I just need Netflix to put up season 2.

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