Extra Point Rule Change Heading to the NFL???

Sports / Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Charlie Brown debating on an extra point rule change The NFL is kicking around the idea of changing the extra point rule (get it? kicking around?), moving it from the 2 yard line to the 25 yard line. That would essentially make it a 42 yard attempt. I’m not normally for rule changes however I think I may actually be for this one.

If you think about it, the extra point is pretty boring and I’m probably zoning out during them anyway. Kickers apparently make 99.6% of them so they may as well do something about it. If something is automatic, it’s pointless. Thus the current extra point rule, despite giving you 1 point, is pointless.

I’m not a fan of forcing a 2pt conversion and I don’t particularly love the idea of just getting 7 points for a TD but I do like the added strategy this extra point rule change would bring if you, say, have Alex Henery kicking your football. You’ll either take a lot more 2pt conversions or you’ll be looking for a new kicker ASAP.

I am not however for changing the points for field goals. Leave them all at 3 points. This is not fantasy football. If you can’t get the ball into the end zone by either throwing it or running it, (thank you John Madden), then you should only get 3 points. Why should you get more points for not being able to get closer to the end zone? That’s just foolishness.