Get Ready to Get Rid of Cable

Money, Television / Monday, March 3rd, 2014

I pay upwards of $160 a month for my FiOS Triple Play package and right now I’m being forced to watch TV for free over the air because I’m taping 2 things and want to watch a 3rd. That’s some selling point. A selling point to get rid of cable TV.

I planned on starting a series of posts regarding my thoughts about getting rid of cable but I sure didn’t plan to start it like this. It just happened to work out that I wanted to watch 3 things tonight, like I do on most Monday nights, before I ran into the wall that is cable TV. No, that’s not frustrating at all.

So throughout this series, we’ll talk about the options available, including the over air option already mentioned (yes, just like the Flinstones). We’ll weigh the positives and negatives and I’m sure we’ll discuss many other things because this is a pretty hot topic in my household at the moment and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I already got the ball rolling in my house so join me as we take this journey to ditch cable TV together.

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