2014 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule

Sports / Thursday, April 24th, 2014

2014 Philadelphia Eagles ScheduleSo the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles schedule was released last night so why not take a quick look. The Birds sure as heck surprised me last year going 10-6 and almost winning a playoff game. I thought at best they would have been 5-11 so what do I know? This year looks pretty rough though. We have to play the dreaded NFC West, or as a friend of mine likes to call it, NFC Best. I don’t like him but he’s right.

Last year’s team couldn’t possibly regress this year though. I mean they had a new everything last year and got better as the year went on. Having a full year under their belt means they can only get stronger. And despite letting the Redskins get Desean Jackson, the NFC East does not look formidable. The Cowboys are mediocre at best, the Giants are sub-par and the Redskins may be better offensively but it’s the Redskins. So lets take this thing week by week.

  1. At home against the Jaguars? Seems like a can’t lose which makes it kind of scary. Still 1-0.
  2. Monday night at Colts. I think the Eagles should win this football game. 2-0
  3. Home against the Redskins featuring the return of Desean Jackson? Desean shows up but the Eagles still win this game. 3-0
  4. Yay, a west coast road game against the 49ers. Can’t wait to lose this football game. Why bother? Thankfully it’s a game we probably lose at home anyway. 3-1
  5. If it was on the road I’d worry but home against the Rams? W. 4-1
  6. Sunday night at home against the Giants. Win. 5-1
  7. Week 7 bye.
  8. Week 8 at Cardinals. NFC West road games still haunt the birds. This is a far different team than Andy’s Eagles but until I consistently see them take care of these games, 5-2.
  9. At Houston. What happened to Houston? W. 6-2
  10. Monday night. At home. Against the Carolina Panthers. This is a tough one but the Panthers only have Cam on offense. That defense is real good but at home we should win. 7-2.
  11. At Packers. Unless Rodgers is hurt, I don’t know how we win this. 7-3.
  12. Home against the Titans. 8-3.
  13. Thanksgiving day. I hate Thanksgiving day games. I love Thanksgiving. Let me enjoy it without worrying about an Eagles loss. Which will most likely happen. 8-4.
  14. Week 14 at home against the defending champion Seahawks. I’ll flip a coin. L. 8-5. Back to back losses against teams everyone in Philadelphia was sure we’d win despite the fact that we didn’t have a chance. Panic ensues.
  15. Back home against the Cowboys. A win and everyone is happy again. 9-5.
  16. Week 16 and a weird Saturday game at the Redskins. Sorry DJacc. 10-5.
  17. Finishing the season at Giants. The Giants want to ruin our playoff seeding but all I see is Eli face. We pull through with the W. 11-5.

On paper it’s awesome. Why bother even playing? Now Chip just needs to get that first playoff win.