This IT Pro Will Only Recommend Apple

Tech / Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Apple logo icon - AluminumI make my living with Microsoft. I live my life with Apple. And yes, more increasingly, so does my family. It is too hard to not recommend Apple for personal use.

That’s nothing against Windows. I love Windows. To me, everything is easy with Windows. I know it. Even when it changes, those changes normally make sense. However Apple beat everyone to the punch with the iOS devices. It’s that simple. The ease of use of the iPod and, most importantly, the iPhone have created an ecosystem that anyone can use.

I can’t put it any better than the guy from the linked article:

“I used to ‘love’ getting in and customizing and tweaking computer settings for myself and others. Now, as much as I like the idea of ‘total control’, I don’t have the time or the inclination to do that; and with a Mac, you don’t have to. I believe that Apple has found a pretty good balance between flexibility for the user (via safe well designed user interfaces) and ‘lock down’ where users shouldn’t or can’t mess with settings they don’t know how they affect the use of the computer,” Soderberg said.

So please don’t call me a Mac snob or try to act all high and mighty because you use a super cool Android phone. I don’t have time for it.

I’ve had an iPhone almost 5 years now since my 3GS. I won’t go back. Why would I? I’d pay the same amount of money for an Android phone and my iPhone does everything I need it to do. I simply don’t have the patience to jailbreak and tweak and fix and meddle so that I have a couple of extra l33t functions. I want to pick up my iOS device and check mail, stay social, play games… there are a bunch more things but my iPhone does them. I won’t bash Android, I’m sure it does all that stuff too, but Apple is so simple, even an aging parent can do it. And if they can’t do it with an iPhone when everything is laid out for them on a silver platter, I sure as hell don’t want them trying it on a device built for customization. If they do call for guidance, I want to know exactly how to walk them through it.

Yes, Apple is pricey and if it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t have a Macbook. However I’d still have, and love, my iPod, iPhone and iPad. They just as easily work with iTunes on my PC. And the same goes for all of my immediate family members who now have iOS devices. I do wish Apple devices were cheaper. As much as I’d recommend Macbooks to my family when their PCs die, I know it’s unlikely they’ll shell out thousands of dollars when they can get a sub $300 “burner” laptop running Windows that I can fix. That’s practically the price of Apple Care. I guess as long as I’m not spending my entire days and nights fixing my own stuff though, helping them out every now and then isn’t such a bad thing. I’ll survive.

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