Prevent A Hangover

Food and Drink / Friday, April 25th, 2014

Prevent A HangoverWell not quite. This may not prevent a hangover but for the craft beer drinker, this may be the best news I’ve ever seen. Sure, maybe when I was in college pounding crappy beer for the end result, this would defeat the point. However for those of us getting up there in age, with possibly more sophisticated beer drinking pallets, this could be a game changer. Please note I have not tested this yet so I cannot vouch for it in any way but I will most certainly try it soon. And I’m sure every body is different so some may be disappointed when it doesn’t work for them.

According to Jim Koch, the face of Sam Adams brewery, in an article from Esquire that is surely about to blow up the Internet, How To Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk, the secret to being able to drink as much, hopefully good, beer as you want is… active yeast! “One teaspoon per beer, right before you start drinking”, according to Koch. Hopefully this news won’t cause my local grocer to run out of yeast.

I cannot wait to try this. My last craft beer drinking event was certainly not as great as the beer festivals of my youth. There was no hangover or ill side affects however that was only because I had to severely limit my intake. Not only is that not fun but it stopped me from sampling everything I wanted to. If you’re drinking like a lunatic, this may not help you at all, but for the people who really enjoy drinking beer for the beer itself, don’t want to get trashed and want to possibly prevent a hangover, this is awesome news. I’m just not quite sure how I never heard of it before. Internet, you have failed me. Until today. Sláinte.

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