Love Never Felt So Good – MJ & JT

Music / Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

So Michael Jackson has been dead for 5 years now and, like we’ll probably get for another 50 years, his estate is about to release some posthumous material. The new single is Love Never Felt So Good and it’s actually featuring the Prince of Pop, Justin Timberlake.

I actually like the song. It’s pop music but like everything from Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, it’s far and away better than any other current pop music. While listening to it though, I can’t help but feel like that if MJ was still around, and if this was ever released, it could, and would, have felt much bigger. The song has solid bones but it doesn’t have that grandiose Michael Jackson feel. That’s what set MJ apart from everyone else and that’s what sets Timberlake’s music apart from everyone else today. Still though, it’s something fresh to listen to from a genre that doesn’t typically make my iPod anymore and I can live with that.

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