Apple TV and the new iPad

Tech / Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

So this was another thing I have been waiting on for quite some time. Not the iPad so much, I’ve thought about them in the past but never really needed one, but more so the Apple TV. Since I bought my iPod Photo 7? years ago, I have been completely hooked on iTunes. There are many haters out there but I like iTunes and I don’t even care to look at any other options. It does everything I need and want. However, I’ve recently had a new desire to play my music through my only sound system which is tied in my TV. I have an iPod dock on my receiver and of course there’s a 1/8″ option however I’ve wanted something more elegant and perhaps easier to use. Something that will let me play music, without my laptop, on a whim without having to get up, find the iPod and plug it in and do all sorts of whatever fumbling I’d need to do. My PS3 as far as streaming also falls short. I think the Apple TV may be the answer. At least I hope so. So I decided to buy the Apple TV a few months ago but realized the Apple TV 2 didn’t support 1080p. Even though I really only want it for iTunes music playback I still couldn’t justify buying a “video” player that didn’t support 1080p. Who knows? Maybe with the Apple TV I’ll start streaming stuff video to my TV as well. So that was what I was really hoping for during today’s Apple event; some update to the Apple TV. Well that happened right off that bat this morning. Sure it wasn’t a mind blowing update to the Apple TV device however I was going to buy one anyway and I’m now glad I waited.

What I wasn’t planning on buying up to this point however was the iPad. Again, it had crossed my mind in the past but I still didn’t see a need for a big iPhone. Then with all the speculating that normally goes on weeks before an Apple event, my mind starting imaging far off lands full of awesome technological goodies that would enhance my A/V and computing experience in ways that nobody but Apple could ever imagine. Well like all Apple events, they never live up to the hype and all that speculation far exceeds what Apple actually does. And then like all Apple products, shortly after the disappointment subsides, the want begins. Well that’s what happened today. I now want The new iPad to go along with the new Apple TV. Partly because the whole tablet craze is a few years old now, it doesn’t seem like it’s going away, I like tech, I love my iPhone, people who love the iPhone seem to love the iPad, I’ll probably love the iPad and I’m sure there will be goodies that I don’t even know about. However it’s mostly because of the hopeful iTunes streaming possibilities, AirPlay and Mirroring. I want to start watching Game of Thrones, I want to catch up on Season 1 before Season 2 starts, HBO Go works on the iPad, it’s now 1080p, so is the Apple TV and I’m hoping the 1080p AirPlay or Mirroring (they both kind of confuse me since I’ve never actually seen them in action) will go from the iPad to my Apple TV to my TV as Apple seems to intend it to work. If that happens AND I can stream iTunes to my TV’s sound system somehow, I will be very happy and don’t think I’ll be able to regret pulling the trigger on a very expensive toy system.

I live my life on a laptop watching TV and listening to music on that laptop while muting my TV. I guess it’s my hobby. Hopefully this will make the experience that much better.

UPDATE: Wait a minute. I’m now reading AirPlay only works if the app maker allows it and for some reason HBO doesn’t allow it with their app so the Game of Thrones watching is out the window.

UPDATE 2: I don’t know why I didn’t think to check before but Game of Thrones is on HBO OnDemand so I can just watch it there regardless.

What I’m watching: The Colbert Report

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