Get Rid of Cable – Picture Quality

Television / Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Only about 2 more months until my FiOS cable contract is up. Honestly, I have already contacted them to see what kind of deals they could give me to stay but they don’t want to hear anything about it; all they keep trying to do is upsell me on features when all I’m trying to do is lower my bill. I can’t wait to call them and cancel. This week I have started my testing phase where I’m trying to use my cable box as little as possible and use my current infrastructure. For instance, instead of watching the new season of Under the Dome that I have on my DVR, i’m using my Amazon Prime subscription through my PS3. Maybe I’m crazy but the picture quality from Prime is noticeably better than my cable. It looks real good. So now both over-the-air TV and Prime appear to have better picture quality than the cable that I pay for. In a week, I’m going to sign up for a free trial of Hulu Plus so I’m definitely curious to see what that picture quality is like. I’ll keep you posted.

On a side note, FiOS threw me a 2 month free HBO subscription for my 2 year anniversary. It’s most likely to try and get me to keep paying for it after the 2 months is up but regardless I’ve been checking it out. Not on the cable box though. I absolutely hate navigating OnDemand. It’s slow and cumbersome and a travesty. Instead, I’ve been playing with HBO Go on the Apple TV which has a way superior interface.

Really, so far, the only thing my wife and I think cable does better is allow us to put on better background TV… you know, the stuff that we put on when we’re doing other things and not really watching i.e. those hundreds of channels you pay for but don’t really need. Our problem without cable is going to be whenever we put something on, we’re actually going to watch it and not ignore it. I’m still not quite sure that’s a problem.