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Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

CBS Golden TicketPhilly Beer Week 2014 is upon us and although I don’t typically plan to take full advantage of it each year, I do keep my eye out for an event or 2 to check out. Yesterday I found and caught my white whale despite thinking the ship had sailed long ago so to speak. In an age of hops, hops and more hops, I buck the trend and consider myself a stout man. Well yesterday, Capone’s Restaurant had a Bourbon Barrel Aged event. I saw the tweet midweek… Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout.

I didn’t even know it was possible anymore. I only had my sights on Kentucky Breakfast Stout and was going to make a point to grab it this week but Canadian Breakfast Stout? C’mon now, that has to be too good to be true. Founders stopped making it years ago. I’ve heard, at one point, bottles on the Internet were going for triple figures. I started thinking maybe Capone’s was going to be having just another bottle raffle for CBS like they had a few years ago but there’s no way they’re actually having it on tap. And I thought the event was going to be so packed I wouldn’t get near it anyway even if it was.

Founders Canadian Breakfast StoutI figured I’d get there at 9:45AM for a 10AM tapping and if I didn’t get the Canadian Breakfast Stout, hey, at least I’d get the consolation prize of Kentucky Breakfast Stout since they were pouring that too. I really couldn’t lose, so last week flew by. So I pulled up at 9:45 and the line was already around the building… uh oh. People came behind me within seconds and they counted… 60 people in front of me. We were good. We were getting CBS today! I got a golden, or pink, ticket and I was set. On a side note, I’m pretty sure you could have shown up around 10:15AM and possibly still sniffed the last of the CBS but you definitely wouldn’t have had a place to sit down.

We got in and they traded you a 5.5oz pour of CBS for your ticket as you walked through the door. I proceeded to my seat. Every taste got better and better. I believe this was a 2010 batch but I’m not positive. Everything I read beforehand was true though. It may have aged a little too long and all of the coffee was gone however the maple really, really took over. It was sweet though but not too sweet. And smooth? It was oh so smooth. The alcohol was gone. It was really unbelievable. I tend to prefer beers under 7% abv. This was 9-10% but it was amazing.

Capone's TaplistThe only unfortunate thing about drinking the CBS, aside from never being able to drink it again, was I drank a supposedly really good Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin next and it wasn’t even in the same league as the CBS and then I followed that up with a Kentucky Breakfast Stout and it was better than the Merkin but, in my opinion, not nearly as good as the smooth, smooth Canadian Breakfast Stout. On Saturday I woke up with 239 Untappd uniques and I finished the day with 242 uniques and one of them was a Canadian Breakfast Stout. I’m still kind of shocked.

Next year I could make the trip to Santa Rosa for some Pliny the Younger. One day I could decide to brave the insanity of Munster, Indiana for Dark Lord Day. But for now, CBS is only going to get rarer and rarer. I’m sure someday Founders will remake a batch of CBS. The demand will just be too strong not to. Someday. Until then though, my quest is to find a new stout that can hold a candle to Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. Challenge accepted.

Prevent A Hangover

Prevent A HangoverWell not quite. This may not prevent a hangover but for the craft beer drinker, this may be the best news I’ve ever seen. Sure, maybe when I was in college pounding crappy beer for the end result, this would defeat the point. However for those of us getting up there in age, with possibly more sophisticated beer drinking pallets, this could be a game changer. Please note I have not tested this yet so I cannot vouch for it in any way but I will most certainly try it soon. And I’m sure every body is different so some may be disappointed when it doesn’t work for them.

According to Jim Koch, the face of Sam Adams brewery, in an article from Esquire that is surely about to blow up the Internet, How To Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk, the secret to being able to drink as much, hopefully good, beer as you want is… active yeast! “One teaspoon per beer, right before you start drinking”, according to Koch. Hopefully this news won’t cause my local grocer to run out of yeast.

I cannot wait to try this. My last craft beer drinking event was certainly not as great as the beer festivals of my youth. There was no hangover or ill side affects however that was only because I had to severely limit my intake. Not only is that not fun but it stopped me from sampling everything I wanted to. If you’re drinking like a lunatic, this may not help you at all, but for the people who really enjoy drinking beer for the beer itself, don’t want to get trashed and want to possibly prevent a hangover, this is awesome news. I’m just not quite sure how I never heard of it before. Internet, you have failed me. Until today. Sláinte.

Federal Donuts Figured It Out

Federal Donuts platterJust had an excellent 4 day weekend “spring break” that, as usual, went way too fast. I was moving non stop every day and one of those stops just so happened to be Federal Donuts which I’ve had on my food wish list for quite some time now. I heard nothing but good things regarding the food at Federal Donuts but when you’re so close to John’s Roast Pork, it’s hard to eat anywhere else.

Fried chicken is an interesting food for me. I’ve never really liked fried chicken however I always want to eat it for some reason. Maybe it’s that comfort food aspect. Whenever I eat it though, I always seem to regret it; it’s always too greasy or just doesn’t hit the spot I hoped it would.

Federal Donuts was different though. The chicken was amazingly juicy however it wasn’t greasy at all. At all. It was kind of amazing. I tried the Za’atar chicken which I slightly regretted but not that much. I just felt trying a new spice may have taken some emphasis off of, what was probably, phenomenal chicken.

And the honey donut that comes with it was also really good. It had a great honey flavor but not an over the top sugary sweetness. A real natural honey flavor. I saved the donut for the end but it almost had a cornbready consistency to it where I kind of regretted not eating it with the chicken. It would have paired, I imagine, as intended. Oh, and I can’t forget, even the pickles were good.

My only real quarrel with the whole experience was that for $10, you didn’t get nearly enough chicken. I’m not sure the value was there. $10 gets you 4 pieces of a not large chicken and a small donut. Maybe the clientele needs to make sure they can fit into their skinny jeans. $10 at John’s Roast Pork buys a cheesesteak that, after eating it, you can barely eat dinner that night. With Federal Donuts, you don’t have that problem at all. At least I didn’t. If you eat like a normal human being though, I can see how Federal Donuts lives up to all the hype.

6th Annual Lee’s Beer Experience

So yesterday was the 6th Annual Lee’s Beer AND Tequila Experience and I’m actually upset to say that unless things change with the direction of this festival, I won’t be too upset that this was probably my last beer festival. It just seems to have gotten completely out of hand. I’m not sure if Lee’s already does limit the number of tickets they sell to this event but rather than give away loads and loads of 2-1 tickets, Groupons and Living Social deals which just let all the riff-raff in, they should charge full price, limit the number of people, keep free food stocked through the entire thing and for the love of God get rid of the Tequila. They added the Tequila last year and it has led to way, way more drunk, out of control people. There’s really no need for it. It was a beer festival; now it’s an AA meeting gone horribly wrong. And if I’m not mistaken, there seemed to be less beer this year. A whole quarter of an X was vacant and the other part of the X was Sake. And there was no standout beer this year either. Perhaps it would have been the Tanilla porter had I not recently already discovered it’s majesty. All in all, this was not the beer festival I have come to know an love, this was something different. The more things change, the more they change.

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Fogo de Chao

I went to Fogo de Chao (Chão) last night. I was waiting for so long to get back there. Today I feel terrible that I didn’t eat more. I ate a lot but I’m still pissed I didn’t eat more. The place is so good that no matter how much you eat and how disgusting you feel walking out of there, the next day you just want more. Something tells me I won’t be waiting so long to get back there the next time. The first time I was there, the bacon wrapped filet was so rich, I could barely eat one. Last night, I couldn’t help but eat 2 of them. They added lamb t-bones to the menu which were an awesome addition to the lamb chops. And the house picanha was phenomenal. I want to eat lunch now but I can’t stop thinking about Fogo. This is bad news. Without Fogo, we’re just animals in pants. I’m hungry.

THE Steak House

Hey look at this. A post. I figured my calendar is pretty booked with some great stuff over the next few months so I may actually have some decent stuff to write about. Here goes.

On Friday, I went to THE Steak House for the inaugural Spring Restaurant Week in Las Vegas. Figured I lived in Vegas long enough that I should check out Circus Circus at least once and with all the accolades THE Steak House has received, I could kill two birds with one stone. First off, parking at Circus Circus isn’t that great. Both garages were closed? Really? I would have probably been better off valeting. Also, go in off Industrial as opposed to the Boulevard as that would have been much easier as well.

Now the important stuff… the food. Great bread basket! I love carbs and a good bread basket and this one had a great assortment. For the appetizer, the Caesar salad was awesome. One of the best I’ve had. I was also told by a member of our party that the French Onion soup was the best they ever had as well. Good start. The main course was Filet Oscar: a 12oz filet topped with king crab and bearnaise sauce. I probably would have preferred to have the crab as an appetizer and just ate the filet separately as I think the toppings took a bit away from the filet. I ordered it medium and it was good but wasn’t the best filet I ever ate. Another member of the party got medium-rare, I ate part of that, and I felt it was much better than my medium despite me not normally liking rare. I’ll give the medium filet a 3.5 and the medium rare filet a 4. As for desert, there were plenty of great looking options on the cart. Everyone got something different and no one complained. I had a raspberry chocolate cake which was way too big after what I had already eaten and was a real good way to end a meal. Nothing went to waste.

All in all, I went in a little sick and a bit under the weather but left stuffed and pretty content, definitely happy with my Restaurant Week choice this time around. So far with my Restaurant Week choices, I’ll put THE Steak House above Palm Restaurant however I don’t think I can quite put it above the Capital Grille.

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5th Annual Lee’s Beer Experience

5th Annual Lee's Beer Experience

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The 5th Annual Lee’s Beer Experience has arrived. Tomorrow at 3PM. Be there or don’t be there. Either way, when it’s all over you’ll probably have some major regrets.

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I Like To Eat

It may not be a new world record but it’s at least a new Brett record. Probably. 10 pounds in less than 10 days. Boy did I do a lot of eating while in Philadelphia last week almost cracking 5000 calories on 2 different days highlighted by a not terribly caloric day but by a terribly delicious day headlined with my dad’s birthday dinner at Fogo de Chão. What a spectacle of a meal that can’t missed at least once in a lifetime. Even if you don’t like meat, it brings out the meat lover in you. If you love meat. Get there. Now time to start the fasting. Or at least a return to normalcy. Not nearly as delicious or fun but necessary since I don’t really want to die at 40. Stupid metabolism.

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Beer Festival 2010

Today is the 2010 Lee’s Beer Experience. Just throwing that out there. May as well be a holiday at this point. Starts at 1PM at the LV Hilton. A joyous time is guaranteed for all.

I went to the Monte Carlo breakfast buffet this morning which is now a much more expensive Champagne brunch. Here’s how it went down:

  • Plate 1: 5/6th of a cheese omelet with mushrooms, peppers, olives, tomatoes, spinach and shrimp; 2 pieces of bacon; 3/4th piece of breakfast sausage; scoop of hashbrowns; 1 hash brown patty; 3/4th a biscuit
  • Plate 2: 2 halves of french toast; 3/4th of a waffle; 2 more pieces of bacon; syrup
  • Plate 3: Mini everything bagel; 2 ounces of lox; slice of tomato
  • Plate 4: 5 peeled shrimp, 3 crab legs
  • Plate 5: Scoop of sweet and sour chicken; scoop of Mongolian beef; scoop of kung pao shrimp; scoop of lo-mein; 1 vegetable spring roll
  • Plate 6: 1 glazed donut
  • I washed it all down with a cup of coffee and 3 glasses of OJ
  • Oh yeah, and finally a cherry on top

I think I won. How many calories is that? I don’t know. Quite frankly sometimes it’s better not to know.

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