Jimmy Fallon – Pants on the Ground

Hilarious / Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


I quit watching American Idol this year. I don’t like Ellen and I did not like Kara last year. Plus I hated the fact that every person I thought had talent, or was real “smart”, never really made it through. I didn’t like any finalists last year. I also really like having a million hours of extra time not spent watching American Idol each week. Anyway, even without watching Idol this year, it was hard to avoid this “Pants on the Ground” craze. It’s everywhere. I don’t find the humor in it. It’s so staged it’s ridiculous. But what I did like was Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young covering Pants on the Ground. His impression is spot on. Fallon is just like Conan when he was starting out. The show just needs some time to find its legs.

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