NCAA March Madness 2014

Sports / Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

inflatablearmsmanIt’s time for March Madness 2014. Time to find out once again how little I know about anything related to sports. The Madness will do that to you. You can watch all the basketball, you can read all the analysts, read all those so called experts, just consume all of it… but there’s a reason Warren Buffett is offering up ONE BILLION DOLLARS for someone to get it right. Because at the end of it all, most of our brackets will look like garbage. Complete garbage.

I know it won’t be the same as it was watching it all unfold in the Las Vegas sports books but the anything can happen, root for the dogs and watch your money disappear weekend still makes it a spectacle worth taking time off from work for. Just wish me luck. The only thing better than March Madness is hitting the first card of March Madness. I don’t like the Thursday games but Friday is full of sweet upsets. Next time we talk, you’ll be talking to a freshly minted hundredaire. And that, my friends, is how you have tons of fun on a budget.

And just to put it back on actual basketball, like most, I’ve been torn between Florida, Michigan St. and Louisville but I’m going to go back to my gut and say Florida is going to win it all. Michigan St. looked amazing in the Big 10 tournament, Louisville has been real hot, but Florida has been stellar all season and the games I watched them in, they looked like they were in another league. I don’t like em, I won’t root for them, but they haven’t lost in forever and until I see otherwise, I’m not sure they will.