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Shady McCoy Trade… Farewell

Shady McCoyI turn my thoughts back 5 years. It was Easter, April 4th, 2010 when we were really blindsided. I don’t recall hearing any rumblings prior to finding out the news that, at least by my standards, the greatest quarterback in Philadelphia history had been traded to the Washington Redskins. Donovan McNabb was no longer with the Eagles and I don’t think anybody saw it coming. It was a bitter pill to swallow but you know what? It turned out to be the right move.

When I woke up this morning though I honestly forgot that it happened yesterday. It felt too surreal. Shady McCoy, arguably the best RB in Eagles history is now gone. I guess at least this time we had rumblings beforehand though? This Shady McCoy trade is another bitter pill though.

But first, lets switch sports for a second. Ryan Howard. Once beloved Philadelphia superstar who led the Phillies to National League Championships and our jewel 2008 World Series. He was 2005 Rookie of the Year, 2006 MVP, 5 time all star, he could practically do no wrong. What happened there? The Phillies gave him a thank you for greatness, paid him what he was worth at the time, a 25 million dollar, 5 year extension, and 18 months later he blows out his achilles. 4 years later unfortunately 90% of Philadelphia hates him because he’s overpaid and not worth the price.

Shady McCoy was set to make around 10 million dollars this year which is very close to the highest salary of any RB and he still had a couple more years left worth over 7 million. He’s 27 and not getting any younger. Yes, I loved watching Shady run. He was absolutely phenomenal and his cuts are probably the closest thing we’ve seen since Barry. An amazing sight and he will be missed. I don’t think last year’s down year was entirely his fault. Next year will probably be gut wrenching watching him waste away in Buffalo. However, imagine never giving Ryan Howard that extension, watching him pop his achilles in 2011 and then walking away in 2012 at the end of his contract. How would you feel about that? 100% of this city would be much happier.

In return for Shady, we get a younger, possibly game changing stud linebacker who is far, far cheaper. My main concern is Kiko Alonso has a bad injury history. It’s scary. But Kiko’s on-the-field numbers for his only full season may be scarier… for offenses. He’s a game changer. Eagles fans have been pleading for linebackers for years. We now have 2 really good LBs in Alonso and Kendricks and a ton of cap room.

Another worry though is about where Shady’s lost production will come from. When they let DeSean walk, I wasn’t this worried. He only showed up for a few games a year anyway so how bad could it be? That turned out pretty bad. We didn’t replace his production with anyone and we missed the playoffs by only 1 of those 4 games DeSean could have showed up for. Shady was there, front and center, for every game. I like Polk but he is not scaring defenses like Shady, or even DeSean did. We lost our two scariest weapons in back to back seasons. You have to reload the gun at some point and I don’t know who’s gonna replace Shady.

It looks like 2015 will be a rebuilding season. At least 7 new starters on defense will need to gel and who knows what the offense will look like. Back to back 10-6 seasons where you thought we were moving forward were just rebooted. 6 months ago it felt like the Eagles would be closest to winning anything in this city but it looks like the Sixers may be the best hope of bringing us a championship at this point. That is until Sam Hinkie trades Embiid tomorrow.

Sixers 2014 NBA Draft Recap

Sixers Ben Franklin LogoAfter waiting what seemed like a lifetime, the 2014 NBA draft finally came and went and the Sixers are now probably guaranteed to win the NBA championship for the next 5 years in a row. Get ready for a parade down Broad St around this time next year. Here’s my very convoluted Sixers 2014 NBA Draft recap.

In all reality though, last year’s 19 win season is going to seem very ambitious for the 14-15 squad. Heck, 10 games might be tough. This team might break the losing streak record, win a game and then break the record a 2nd time next year. At least last year’s squad started the year with Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. They’re not going to make you contenders but at least they were players with some NBA experience. As of right now, next year, Thad’s gonna be it. MCW is gonna be pretty high on the tenure list with his 1 Rookie of the Year year under his belt. We’ll be suiting up MCW… wait, lets just go over what happened.

So much has happened since the lottery last month. Embiid’s back problems turned out to be minor and he shot up to the #1 pick making Andrew Wiggins look like E.T. Then a week ago, Embiid broke his stinking foot and all hell broke loose. The last week was brutal, full of speculation as to what was going to happen. Wiggins, Parker, Parker, Wiggins; and how far was, apparently injury prone, Embiid going to fall? Well like I said would happen after the lottery, Andrew Wiggins went 1 to the Cavs because you can’t pass on Riggin for Wiggins. Parker then went 2 to the Bucks. Then, with the 3 pick, the Sixers just couldn’t pass up on the chance to draft “The Dream 2.0”, Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid SixersWhen you watch Embiid, you can’t help but get excited. His highlight reel puts anyone else in this year’s draft to shame. If he can come back healthy, and stay that way, the Sixers will be contenders. He looks that unbelievably talented. Apparently his back was just a minor injury because the dude has a long way to fall and he fell hard on it. The foot injury on the other hand is scary. Others have had it, others have come back fine, others have not. Big men with foot problems are scary. I’m not so sure Embiid is a typical big man though. Sure, he’s 7’0, but he’s not necessarily big. He’s tall, he’s long, he’s quick as hell for a big. He’s like a gazelle on the floor, definitely not a plodding Shaq. Regardless, there’s a 95% chance he isn’t suiting up for the Sixers next season and he’ll take the Nerlens Noel route. Here’s to health and quick return but we won’t see him until ’15-’16.

So the 10 rolls around and this was the most interesting pick leading up to the draft I felt. No idea what could happen and rumors had the Sixers taking anyone and everyone including trading the pick. Picks 4-7 didn’t go in expected order but the expected players fell. Then Stauskas jumps to 8, Vonleh continues to fall and eyelids go up. Then Vonleh goes 9 and none of those 2nd tier players made it to 10 as we hoped. What was Hinkie to do? Well he takes draft board skyrocketer Elfrid Payton of course. I mean why not take another PG who can’t shoot? Everyone’s baffled, MCW has one of the most awkward televised interviews ever and by time everything settles, Payton is on the move. Hinkie is taking heat but he held Payton hostage and the Magic paid the ransom. It was a stellar move in my opinion.

Hinkie knew the Magic were high on Payton so he roped them into taking the man he always wanted, Croatian Dario Saric, swapping the players PLUS getting us a 2015 2nd rounder and a 2017 1st rounder. This was tough to swallow at first. We all knew Saric just resigned with some foreign team for 2 years with a 3rd year player option. We won’t see Embiid next year and we won’t see Saric for probably 2. I say probably because Saric has since stated that he isn’t a liar, he will play for the Sixers in the future AND he will talk to his foreign team after the 1st year and see if he can come to play for the Sixers early, perhaps only a year from now.

People will be crying about that one for a while though because Doug McBuckets was still available but I’m fine with it. Sure, McDermott was awesome in college but this is the NBA. He can shoot the lights out but he’s gonna be way to specialized to be the 10th overall pick. Instead, we got Dario Saric who is 6’10, long, quick, athletic and could be special. Plus we got a ’15 2nd and the ’17 1st rounder BACK that we wouldn’t have had because we sent that pick away for Andrew freakin Bynum.

Oh, but who’s gonna score next year? Who cares who’s gonna score next year, we’re gonna be terrible regardless. You think McDermott is gonna right the ship? No! And even if somehow he was Ray Allen in his prime and the team gelled, if we make the playoffs next season, we lose our 1st round lottery protected pick. Instead, we will keep our ’15 1st rounder and it’s gonna be super high, most likely top 5 again. That’s interesting in it’s own right though cause at the moment, it’s all bigs at the top of the 2015 mock drafts. If nothing changes, which it will, but if nothing changes, we just trade down a few spots, get that 2 guard that we need and stash more assets.

Someone tweeted last night a perfect tweet. I’ll paraphrase but it went something like everyone in Philadelphia screams for Ruben Amaro to blow up the Phillies and start from scratch but when the Sixers blow it up and start from scratch, everyone just freaks out. C’mon now. C’mon now. It makes total sense people. If there ever was a league built for blowing it up entirely and building it back up again, it would be the NBA. Rebuilding from scratch isn’t a 1 year thing. Sure next year won’t be as fun to watch as the MCW, Stauskas, Wiggins, Thad, Noel that could have happened in an alternate universe but it could be better in the long run.

In the long run, we’ll have options. If all 3 pan out, even if Embiid can’t go all the time, we’ll have Saric, Noel, Embiid. We can play small? with the first two or play big with the latter two. We can put them all on the court at the 3,4 and 5 and just make the entire court disappear. We’ll have some depth. MCW improves his shot at the 1, we go find someone who can shoot at the 2 and now we’re talking. We’ll have tons of cap space. Some legit FAs might wanna come to Philly to win some championships. Perhaps an Andrew Wiggins after his rookie contract? I just hope he has a press conference on ESPN and then choses the Sixers.

And maybe none of this comes to pass. Maybe it’s all for naught and Sam Hinkie blew it all. All I know is losing in the first round of the playoffs each year was worthless and maybe no one watches the Sixers next year but we can still love them and hope for a brighter future. Watching the same teams win all the time gets old. Let’s get the Sixers back on the map.

Phew. This was a long one. I’m not proofreading it. I apologize for the typos, unfinished thoughts and frantic ramblings. I can’t read or write.

The Phillies Downfall

This has been a long time coming. The Phillies are dead and it’s going to be a while before we see any meaningful baseball in Philadelphia. This team is a disgrace and I finally got disgusted the other night when I turned on the ball game and you could see the disgust on Chase Utley’s face as he watched his team’s performance. The team was shut out for the 7th time in their last 27 games including that lovely, unforgettable, abysmal, no hitter.

This team hasn’t been able to score in years. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.

They won the World Series in 2008 because the team could downright hit, plus they had a bullpen that was outstanding. But don’t forget how well the team could hit. They could smash; they had power from both sides of the plate. That team was never out of it. I remember always thinking that year that if we could get to any team’s bullpen, we were going to win the ballgame. Cole Hamels came into his own that postseason but our winningest pitcher was Jamie Moyersaurus. Pat Gillick’s philosophy was hitting and we were the best team in the world that year because of that philosophy. Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Burrell, Werth, Feliz, Senor Octobre. They could smash.

In 2009 right handed Burrell walks and he was replaced by lefty Ibanez who started hot, got injured and was never hot again. It’s hard for any team to win 2 in a row though. Ruben went out and acquired Cliff Lee which bolstered the rotation, they stormed to the Series and unfortunately couldn’t win it. They just were not the better team. The pen wasn’t as strong that year, the hitting wasn’t as timely that year but their pitching was no worse than the year before and it wasn’t the problem.

So in 2010, after we lost because we couldn’t outscore the smashing Yankees whose bats weren’t going to be stopped by any rotation, period, we swapped Lee for Doc Halladay and Feliz for Polanco. Really, not so bad but we came up against the eventual World Series champion Giants who were the hot team AND because we couldn’t score. Again.

Jayson Werth & Davey LopesSo we could’t score like we could in 2008 so what does Ruben Amaro do in 2010? He says, we have a tiny ballpark, we’re having trouble scoring, instead of building a team around our ballpark and play on what had been successful, he says let’s bring in more pitching. I mean, let’s take great pitching, put them in our smaller ballpark and take away their advantage, rather than bring in hitters that could use the ballpark to their advantage. He has Halladay, gets Lee back and eventually Roy Oswalt to pair with Cole. He wants his “Four Horseman”. But he lets Jayson Werth walk. That right there was the end. That was the Phillies downfall. I said it then and I’ll say it now. That was THE mistake. CBP can boo Werth all they want when he comes back but EVERY SINGLE PERSON BOOING would have left in that situation. Smaller market D.C. should not have been able to steal Werth from us. And don’t forget the other huge, huge, huge mistake. They let Davey Lopes walk over $50 and a bag of balls. The team that was having problems hitting before now lost another right handed power bat who was the only hitter who could actually work a count. And with Lopes leaving, the team was never effective on the base paths again. So we get to the playoffs and lose to the, this time, eventual World Champion Cardinals. Why? Because we couldn’t hit and scored 6 runs in our last 3 games. That last game was a shut out.

Downhill can’t even describe the team since then. It’s abysmal. A team based on hitting that won the series was turned into a pitching team that can’t make the playoffs. Why? Because they can’t hit. Remember that stat from earlier? The Phillies were just shut out 7 times in the last 27 games. You can’t have our ballpark and go all in on pitching. That’s handicapping your strength and just makes no sense. This is Ruben Amaro’s sword and he needs to fall on it. How he still has a job is beyond me. Let him go the Astros and let someone else try to rebuild this team. Ruben has screwed it up so badly we probably can’t even blow it up due to contracts but start rebuilding from the ground up so that when we can finally dump contracts, we’re ready. Just get rid of Ruben now, not later, now. This team hasn’t been decent in 3 years. They haven’t been good in 4 and it’s been 6 years since we’ve won. The Phillies are dead.

2014 NBA Mock Draft

2014 NBA LotteryPlayoffs? What playoffs? Nobody cares about the playoffs. The markets left in the playoffs at this point have a population of like 12. Sure, a Heat/Spurs Finals rematch might be a great series to watch but, honestly, last night the world stopped and everyone set their sights on the future. And after having the 2014 NBA Lottery circled on my calendar for practically 10 months, it finally came to pass. Now we have a month to kill ourselves over 2014 NBA Mock Draft after mock draft.

Lets just cut to the chase. The Cavs fittingly got the #1 pick. I mean with a 1% chance this year and something like a .007% chance to get it for a 3rd time in 4 years, why wouldn’t they get the #1 pick? Who else should get the prime opportunity to screw everything up and continue being Cleveland? I’m saying it right now, there’s no way Wiggins doesn’t go #1. Everyone’s a bunch of liars if they think someone else goes #1. In the beginning of the year, it was Riggin for Wiggins. At the end of the year, it’s still Riggin for Wiggins. If you think anything else will happen, stop it… just stop it.

At that point, things fell in order. The Bucks get #2 and a choice between Embiid and Parker. I’m going to say they go with Parker because WHY DOES ANYONE WANT A BIG MAN WHO’S BEEN PLAYING BASKETBALL FOR 3 YEARS AND ALREADY HAS BACK PROBLEMS? Sure, Embiid may be great but why do you gamble with this pick? Take Parker and get an immediate impact player.

At #3, the Sixers got let off the hook and the fans got screwed. Yes, when management gets let off the hook, it goes hand in hand with the fans getting screwed. The management now doesn’t have to make a decision. They get to select the 3rd player; the left over. And that won’t be Wiggins. It’s probably going to be the big man with back problems. They say Embiid bulked up a bit since his injury and you can hope it’ll make a difference but in the end, we just gotta hope.

But at least the Celtics and Lakers got screwed and didn’t jump up into the top 3. Screw them. Enough is enough.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, and then the Sixers got their #10 pick from New Orleans so that should add another player whom I’m not even going to speculate on because it’s hard enough worrying about the first 3 picks. Well not the 1st pick. That’s easy to speculate on because if anyone says Wiggins isn’t going #1, they’re liars. Stop it… just stop it. Regardless, early mock drafts show Gordon going around 7-8 but have Doug McBuckets actually going AFTER the Sixers pick so I’ll just wonder if Hinkie will take the best complimentary pick to go with our #3 or just take the best player available at the #10 spot. For now I’ll trust Hinkie and hope we finally get some meaningful basketball back in Philadelphia for the first time in a long time. The General are due!

2014 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule

2014 Philadelphia Eagles ScheduleSo the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles schedule was released last night so why not take a quick look. The Birds sure as heck surprised me last year going 10-6 and almost winning a playoff game. I thought at best they would have been 5-11 so what do I know? This year looks pretty rough though. We have to play the dreaded NFC West, or as a friend of mine likes to call it, NFC Best. I don’t like him but he’s right.

Last year’s team couldn’t possibly regress this year though. I mean they had a new everything last year and got better as the year went on. Having a full year under their belt means they can only get stronger. And despite letting the Redskins get Desean Jackson, the NFC East does not look formidable. The Cowboys are mediocre at best, the Giants are sub-par and the Redskins may be better offensively but it’s the Redskins. So lets take this thing week by week.

  1. At home against the Jaguars? Seems like a can’t lose which makes it kind of scary. Still 1-0.
  2. Monday night at Colts. I think the Eagles should win this football game. 2-0
  3. Home against the Redskins featuring the return of Desean Jackson? Desean shows up but the Eagles still win this game. 3-0
  4. Yay, a west coast road game against the 49ers. Can’t wait to lose this football game. Why bother? Thankfully it’s a game we probably lose at home anyway. 3-1
  5. If it was on the road I’d worry but home against the Rams? W. 4-1
  6. Sunday night at home against the Giants. Win. 5-1
  7. Week 7 bye.
  8. Week 8 at Cardinals. NFC West road games still haunt the birds. This is a far different team than Andy’s Eagles but until I consistently see them take care of these games, 5-2.
  9. At Houston. What happened to Houston? W. 6-2
  10. Monday night. At home. Against the Carolina Panthers. This is a tough one but the Panthers only have Cam on offense. That defense is real good but at home we should win. 7-2.
  11. At Packers. Unless Rodgers is hurt, I don’t know how we win this. 7-3.
  12. Home against the Titans. 8-3.
  13. Thanksgiving day. I hate Thanksgiving day games. I love Thanksgiving. Let me enjoy it without worrying about an Eagles loss. Which will most likely happen. 8-4.
  14. Week 14 at home against the defending champion Seahawks. I’ll flip a coin. L. 8-5. Back to back losses against teams everyone in Philadelphia was sure we’d win despite the fact that we didn’t have a chance. Panic ensues.
  15. Back home against the Cowboys. A win and everyone is happy again. 9-5.
  16. Week 16 and a weird Saturday game at the Redskins. Sorry DJacc. 10-5.
  17. Finishing the season at Giants. The Giants want to ruin our playoff seeding but all I see is Eli face. We pull through with the W. 11-5.

On paper it’s awesome. Why bother even playing? Now Chip just needs to get that first playoff win.

Sixers 2014 NBA Lottery Outlook

Sixers - Together We BuildWith 1 game left to play, the Sixers 2014 NBA Lottery spot was all but solidified at #2 by beating up on the Celtics again last night. It was a meaningless game for the Sixers. The Bucks were not going to win both of their remaining games.

So now it’s time to eagerly look ahead to Tuesday, May 20th, the day we’ve all been waiting for all year anyway… the 2014 NBA Lottery! #2 it is. 199 out of 1000 chances. Just about a 20% chance at that #1 pick. Depending on how you look at it, that’s either great news… or horrible news.

What do you mean horrible news? Well I hate to break it to you but going back over the last 10 years, the #2 team in the lottery averages a paltry 3.8th pick in the draft. That’s closer to #4 than #3 and not very close to #1 at all. Over the last 10 years, no #2 lottery seed has had their name pulled out of the “hat” first. All that tanking and hoping and wishing and praying all year… the odds are apparently not in our favor.

There is a silver lining to this all though as Philly fans can always attest to; if it hasn’t happened in 10 years, we’re simply due. Well that #2 spot is anyway. I mean, why can’t us? And this is a deep draft so all we really need is a top 2 pick. Oh, and then there’s that #10 lottery spot from New Orleans. And MCW most likely winning rookie of the year. And Nerlens Noel coming back hopefully very healthy and very much looking like the #1 pick he was supposed to be last year.

Oh, but back to that Celtics game… It meant nothing for the Sixers but it meant a great deal to the Celtics. That loss moved them 1 game ahead of the Lakers for that #5 lottery spot. Over the last 10 years, that 5th spot has drawn the #1 seed twice. That’s 2 more times than the #2 spot. On that note, maybe I don’t want 5/20 to come at all because if the Celtics stealing the #1 pick isn’t enough to make you feel sick, I don’t know what is. Boston has had enough steak at this point. After the last decade, you’re looking fat Boston, it’s time to try a diet.

Paying College Athletes

Students and MoneyNow I’m no expert on the current state of NCAA financial affairs but this paying college athletes issue continues to rage on and only seems to be gaining steam. Students are now trying to form unions and they’re working towards gaining bargaining rights. This is absurd. Note to student athletes… Continue focusing on your education and work hard at your sport. Worry about those things, in that order, and forget about the rest. Should we be paying college athletes? I certainly don’t think so.

With all this revenue coming in I’m sure people are getting rich from these athletes. However, tuitions continue to increase at astounding rates. That’s what needs to change. Student athletes don’t need to get paid, all students need to get paid… In the form of tuition decreases. After expenses, every dime should go towards keeping tuition lower so that all students have the chance of an education just as these student athletes have. And don’t get me started on absurd coaching salaries. JoePa was a great coach but he shouldn’t have been making over a million a year to teach kids. Nick Saban makes ~$5.62 million. Absurd. That’s probably an extra 5 million that should go back into education. If Nick Saban wants pro money maybe the Dolphins will take him back.

I’m not an Econ guru so I don’t know if a giant nationwide pool of sports money would work best or if it should go to individual conferences or what. I do know a lot of people currently making tons of money off of sports right now are going to be very unhappy but that’s a much larger issue tearing through this country at the moment and I’m just going to focus on kids getting an education.

And if the student athletes are really that upset, they can just suck it up. Chances are, the players that would be getting paid are already getting some type of athletic scholarship to fund their college education. It’s why we have colleges and universities in the first place. To get an education. Not to fund your trips home, pay your cell phone bill and let you take your date out to dinner. If getting an education is not enough for student athletes, nobody is forcing them to play sports. If you’re complaining because your sport requires you to spend 1, 2 or however many years in college before you can go pro, again, deal with it. Your high school math teacher needed 4+ years of college education before they were able to go pro, they’ll probably make a fraction of what you’ll make and, sorry, but they’re way more important.

NCAA March Madness logoSo in the blink of an eye, March Madness opening weekend, the best 4 days in sports, is coming to a close. As always, it was a blast and full of madness and memories.

Normally we just throw parlay after parlay at a bunch of teams we like but this year we took a different approach. Rather than “day trading” and losing money or breaking even, we placed much fewer, smarter, bets and the “investing” paid off. Sure we didn’t win a ton of money but we never do; we did however enjoy 3 days of non stop basketball action and ate, drank and had a great time for practically free after the winnings. That’s called vacation on a budget.

What else did we learn? The Big 12 is garbage, the Mountain West is completely overrated as always, Villanova will always be Villanova and the PAC 12 is pretty good. We also learned that we’re going to have a few really well paid 19 year olds in the NBA next year but the NCAA is a team game and all the talent in the world means nothing if they’re playing an experienced team of men.

So thank you Oregon -5.5, Michigan St -14 and UConn -5. And thank you Tennessee -5, Stephen F Austin +6.5 and Coastal Carolina +21. Thank you’s do not go to lazy, entitled, whiney, Marcus Smart and that pitiful performance that I hope costs you at least $1 million next year, and as usual, Jay Wright, who owes me money after his team fell flat way too early again. I don’t know what you do to prepare your team for tournament games but stop it and try something different. Next year brings another March Madness and I can’t wait.

Oh, and Andrew Wiggins… learn from this experience. When you’re in a Sixers jersey next season next to Michael Carter Williams, Doug McDermott, Thad Young and Nerlens Noel, things certainly won’t be any easier but they may be a whole lot more interesting.

NCAA March Madness 2014

inflatablearmsmanIt’s time for March Madness 2014. Time to find out once again how little I know about anything related to sports. The Madness will do that to you. You can watch all the basketball, you can read all the analysts, read all those so called experts, just consume all of it… but there’s a reason Warren Buffett is offering up ONE BILLION DOLLARS for someone to get it right. Because at the end of it all, most of our brackets will look like garbage. Complete garbage.

I know it won’t be the same as it was watching it all unfold in the Las Vegas sports books but the anything can happen, root for the dogs and watch your money disappear weekend still makes it a spectacle worth taking time off from work for. Just wish me luck. The only thing better than March Madness is hitting the first card of March Madness. I don’t like the Thursday games but Friday is full of sweet upsets. Next time we talk, you’ll be talking to a freshly minted hundredaire. And that, my friends, is how you have tons of fun on a budget.

And just to put it back on actual basketball, like most, I’ve been torn between Florida, Michigan St. and Louisville but I’m going to go back to my gut and say Florida is going to win it all. Michigan St. looked amazing in the Big 10 tournament, Louisville has been real hot, but Florida has been stellar all season and the games I watched them in, they looked like they were in another league. I don’t like em, I won’t root for them, but they haven’t lost in forever and until I see otherwise, I’m not sure they will.

Charlie Brown debating on an extra point rule change The NFL is kicking around the idea of changing the extra point rule (get it? kicking around?), moving it from the 2 yard line to the 25 yard line. That would essentially make it a 42 yard attempt. I’m not normally for rule changes however I think I may actually be for this one.

If you think about it, the extra point is pretty boring and I’m probably zoning out during them anyway. Kickers apparently make 99.6% of them so they may as well do something about it. If something is automatic, it’s pointless. Thus the current extra point rule, despite giving you 1 point, is pointless.

I’m not a fan of forcing a 2pt conversion and I don’t particularly love the idea of just getting 7 points for a TD but I do like the added strategy this extra point rule change would bring if you, say, have Alex Henery kicking your football. You’ll either take a lot more 2pt conversions or you’ll be looking for a new kicker ASAP.

I am not however for changing the points for field goals. Leave them all at 3 points. This is not fantasy football. If you can’t get the ball into the end zone by either throwing it or running it, (thank you John Madden), then you should only get 3 points. Why should you get more points for not being able to get closer to the end zone? That’s just foolishness.