Paying College Athletes

Sports / Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Students and MoneyNow I’m no expert on the current state of NCAA financial affairs but this paying college athletes issue continues to rage on and only seems to be gaining steam. Students are now trying to form unions and they’re working towards gaining bargaining rights. This is absurd. Note to student athletes… Continue focusing on your education and work hard at your sport. Worry about those things, in that order, and forget about the rest. Should we be paying college athletes? I certainly don’t think so.

With all this revenue coming in I’m sure people are getting rich from these athletes. However, tuitions continue to increase at astounding rates. That’s what needs to change. Student athletes don’t need to get paid, all students need to get paid… In the form of tuition decreases. After expenses, every dime should go towards keeping tuition lower so that all students have the chance of an education just as these student athletes have. And don’t get me started on absurd coaching salaries. JoePa was a great coach but he shouldn’t have been making over a million a year to teach kids. Nick Saban makes ~$5.62 million. Absurd. That’s probably an extra 5 million that should go back into education. If Nick Saban wants pro money maybe the Dolphins will take him back.

I’m not an Econ guru so I don’t know if a giant nationwide pool of sports money would work best or if it should go to individual conferences or what. I do know a lot of people currently making tons of money off of sports right now are going to be very unhappy but that’s a much larger issue tearing through this country at the moment and I’m just going to focus on kids getting an education.

And if the student athletes are really that upset, they can just suck it up. Chances are, the players that would be getting paid are already getting some type of athletic scholarship to fund their college education. It’s why we have colleges and universities in the first place. To get an education. Not to fund your trips home, pay your cell phone bill and let you take your date out to dinner. If getting an education is not enough for student athletes, nobody is forcing them to play sports. If you’re complaining because your sport requires you to spend 1, 2 or however many years in college before you can go pro, again, deal with it. Your high school math teacher needed 4+ years of college education before they were able to go pro, they’ll probably make a fraction of what you’ll make and, sorry, but they’re way more important.

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