2014 NBA Mock Draft

Sports / Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

2014 NBA LotteryPlayoffs? What playoffs? Nobody cares about the playoffs. The markets left in the playoffs at this point have a population of like 12. Sure, a Heat/Spurs Finals rematch might be a great series to watch but, honestly, last night the world stopped and everyone set their sights on the future. And after having the 2014 NBA Lottery circled on my calendar for practically 10 months, it finally came to pass. Now we have a month to kill ourselves over 2014 NBA Mock Draft after mock draft.

Lets just cut to the chase. The Cavs fittingly got the #1 pick. I mean with a 1% chance this year and something like a .007% chance to get it for a 3rd time in 4 years, why wouldn’t they get the #1 pick? Who else should get the prime opportunity to screw everything up and continue being Cleveland? I’m saying it right now, there’s no way Wiggins doesn’t go #1. Everyone’s a bunch of liars if they think someone else goes #1. In the beginning of the year, it was Riggin for Wiggins. At the end of the year, it’s still Riggin for Wiggins. If you think anything else will happen, stop it… just stop it.

At that point, things fell in order. The Bucks get #2 and a choice between Embiid and Parker. I’m going to say they go with Parker because WHY DOES ANYONE WANT A BIG MAN WHO’S BEEN PLAYING BASKETBALL FOR 3 YEARS AND ALREADY HAS BACK PROBLEMS? Sure, Embiid may be great but why do you gamble with this pick? Take Parker and get an immediate impact player.

At #3, the Sixers got let off the hook and the fans got screwed. Yes, when management gets let off the hook, it goes hand in hand with the fans getting screwed. The management now doesn’t have to make a decision. They get to select the 3rd player; the left over. And that won’t be Wiggins. It’s probably going to be the big man with back problems. They say Embiid bulked up a bit since his injury and you can hope it’ll make a difference but in the end, we just gotta hope.

But at least the Celtics and Lakers got screwed and didn’t jump up into the top 3. Screw them. Enough is enough.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, and then the Sixers got their #10 pick from New Orleans so that should add another player whom I’m not even going to speculate on because it’s hard enough worrying about the first 3 picks. Well not the 1st pick. That’s easy to speculate on because if anyone says Wiggins isn’t going #1, they’re liars. Stop it… just stop it. Regardless, early mock drafts show Gordon going around 7-8 but have Doug McBuckets actually going AFTER the Sixers pick so I’ll just wonder if Hinkie will take the best complimentary pick to go with our #3 or just take the best player available at the #10 spot. For now I’ll trust Hinkie and hope we finally get some meaningful basketball back in Philadelphia for the first time in a long time. The General are due!