Clash of Clans Clan Wars are coming…

Games / Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Clash of Clans Clan WarsClash of Clans Clan Wars have finally been announced and it’s going to add one heck of a new facet to this game. Those who have been getting bored with the stagnant farming and day to day grind may now have something pretty interesting to get back in the game.

The basic idea of Clan Wars is simple:

  1. Your clan declares war on a random clan. Supercell will handle matching you up against a very similar clan, even if it means a few members of your clan may need to sit out of the battle.
  2. Clan war bases are separate from your actual base
  3. You have 24 hours to prepare and get your entire clan ready for battle. Every clan member… yes every clan member, this is now a total team effort… must make the best defensive base they can to protect from being 3 starred. Note that farming bases are not advised as you aren’t going to be losing any actual loot so get those Town Halls fortified.
  4. Donate the best possible troops to whoever needs them. Again this is a team effort so figure out who in your clan has the best of each class and have them donate to every clan member’s clan war base as such.
  5. At the end of the 24 hour prep day, your clan war base locks, your upgrades pause (your current upgrades are reverted to their pre-upgrade level) and your best possible base is locked for the next 24 hours. You can now revert your base back to your farming base if you would like and continue playing normal Clash of Clans as usual.
  6. The battle part of the clan wars takes place on day 2. Every eligible clan member has 2 attacks that they can use on any eligible enemy clan base. Choose wisely. Don’t have your strongest clan member attack your weakest. Let the weakest fight the weakest, let the strongest fight the strongest. Strategize.
  7. The object is to get more stars than the other clan. The winning clan gets more pooled loot to divy up between the members. The losing clan gets some pooled loot but not nearly as much. And oh, the shame.

That’s the gyst of it all. For all of the written details, Supercell has a Clash of Clans Clan Wars faq with every little detail. PlayClashofClans also has a real good Clash of Clans Clan Wars video series on Youtube.

I, personally, am not so sure the loot bonus is enough to make the whole clan war worth your while but we’ll have to see. When I can currently sit down for an hour and make a million of each loot, all of the planning that goes into these clan wars might be too much effort for too little reward. It is a great idea though if you’ve already given up on the farming and you just need a little kick to get back into the game. It also will add a social aspect to the game that, after playing for 6 months, just hasn’t existed.

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