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Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Upgrade

Sorry for the delay between updates. It’s not you, it’s me. I should have given you the same warning that I’d be MIA just like I gave my family. I’ve been busy with a super important project that I’m working on. Super important. What could be so important? Well I decided that I was finally going to make a push for my Clash of Clans town hall 9 upgrade.

I won’t get into the exact specifics but about 17 days ago I realized I wanted my TH9 upgrade to finish 20 days from that time. That’s 3 days from now if you’re a math expert. I had to make a pretty aggressive push, by my standards, to make that happen. Spreadsheets may have been involved. I decided after jumping a tad early to TH8 that I wouldn’t jump to another TH without maxing everything and getting all of my walls to L7. Essentially I had to make at least 1 million gold a day for practically 2 weeks straight in order to get all of those necessary upgrades complete and my walls to the purple level 7s. For some, that’s not a lot of playing time but for me, that was a commitment.

I’m happy to say though that I made it ahead of schedule, all of my important upgrades are now complete and I’m just finishing up some lesser important upgrades with the TH9 upgrade scheduled to finish on time this Thursday. That puts my time spent maxing TH8 at just over 4 months. I don’t know if I’ll ever max TH9. It’s probably going to be impossible given the amount of time (and no money) that I put into the game. However I’ll happily accept a 2nd D.E. drill to make getting an Archer Queen a tad easier and I’ll love looking at a couple X-bows sitting in the middle of my base, piecing up attackers. Mongolians! Stay away from my city wall!

Clash of Clans Clan WarsClash of Clans Clan Wars have finally been announced and it’s going to add one heck of a new facet to this game. Those who have been getting bored with the stagnant farming and day to day grind may now have something pretty interesting to get back in the game.

The basic idea of Clan Wars is simple:

  1. Your clan declares war on a random clan. Supercell will handle matching you up against a very similar clan, even if it means a few members of your clan may need to sit out of the battle.
  2. Clan war bases are separate from your actual base
  3. You have 24 hours to prepare and get your entire clan ready for battle. Every clan member… yes every clan member, this is now a total team effort… must make the best defensive base they can to protect from being 3 starred. Note that farming bases are not advised as you aren’t going to be losing any actual loot so get those Town Halls fortified.
  4. Donate the best possible troops to whoever needs them. Again this is a team effort so figure out who in your clan has the best of each class and have them donate to every clan member’s clan war base as such.
  5. At the end of the 24 hour prep day, your clan war base locks, your upgrades pause (your current upgrades are reverted to their pre-upgrade level) and your best possible base is locked for the next 24 hours. You can now revert your base back to your farming base if you would like and continue playing normal Clash of Clans as usual.
  6. The battle part of the clan wars takes place on day 2. Every eligible clan member has 2 attacks that they can use on any eligible enemy clan base. Choose wisely. Don’t have your strongest clan member attack your weakest. Let the weakest fight the weakest, let the strongest fight the strongest. Strategize.
  7. The object is to get more stars than the other clan. The winning clan gets more pooled loot to divy up between the members. The losing clan gets some pooled loot but not nearly as much. And oh, the shame.

That’s the gyst of it all. For all of the written details, Supercell has a Clash of Clans Clan Wars faq with every little detail. PlayClashofClans also has a real good Clash of Clans Clan Wars video series on Youtube.

I, personally, am not so sure the loot bonus is enough to make the whole clan war worth your while but we’ll have to see. When I can currently sit down for an hour and make a million of each loot, all of the planning that goes into these clan wars might be too much effort for too little reward. It is a great idea though if you’ve already given up on the farming and you just need a little kick to get back into the game. It also will add a social aspect to the game that, after playing for 6 months, just hasn’t existed.

Pocket Legends Big Luck-y 2014 Vanity

Pocket Legends Big Lucky Hat 2014Just in time to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, Pocket Legends has released the “Big Lucky Hat 2014” vanity available for a limited time as expected. This year’s hat looks quite different than the previous clover antennae. Big Luck, and it’s variations, is probably the most important piece of farming gear you can wear so my advice is to jump on it while you can. I only bought 2 Big Luck 2013 vanities last year and regretted it. It’s a hassle to trade back and forth between toons and you certainly can’t trade it across accounts.

Even if you don’t have a 2nd account, but may plan on creating one before next St. Patty’s Day, you may want to do it now so you can stash a big luck for your next farming toon.

Big Luck, when it’s the Deal of the Day! in the Store, is normally around 80 plat however for St. Patty’s Day, the Big Lucky Hat 2014 is only 15 plat. A steal when you think about any amount of luck is good luck. Farming without a luck vanity isn’t worth farming; you’re just wasting your time.

A Spacetime Dev stated that the new Big Lucky Hat 2014 has the “Same odds as Bigger Luck, just a new look”. Bigger Luck has more luck than the Big Luck that was sold last St. Patty’s Day so this looks like an even better deal. Rumors have it that Big Luck provides around a 10-12% re-roll chance whereas Bigger Luck is somewhere around 15-17%.

As I already said, any extra luck, and thus re-roll chance, is the only thing a farmer needs. Unless you’re farming for glyph steel, you want that sweet, sweet, re-roll. And of course, doesn’t Terententen look mighty festive up there sporting his brand new lucky green hat? Now I just need to go find myself another pot of gold.

A Life of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans splashI originally planned on writing this post to talk about all the good things about Clash of Clans however now I’m not so sure. I’ve had tons of fun playing the game for the last 6 months or so but I’m not sure how much I have left in the tank.

Like I said, I’ve been playing Clash of Clans since about October. I know I first downloaded it well before that as a platinum deal for Pocket Legends and played through the tutorial but then I didn’t play it for quite some time and it just kind of sat on my iPhone like so many other games. Some time around October 2013 I started playing it again when I realized I hadn’t played Pocket Legends, or really any game, for quite some time. Hey, a guy needs to play something. It started more of a casual thing. Hop on, clear some collectors, build something, maybe not check it for a day or so, repeat. No worries, no fuss. I don’t know when it changed to “Well I guess I’m playing Clash of Clans now” but I’m guessing it was sometime around Town Hall 5.

By TH5 I was hooked but the game started to slow. You see until then I hadn’t joined a Clan and most importantly, hadn’t started attacking people yet. Without attacking, your collectors just can’t quite keep up with the necessary upgrades. So I began attacking and I was hooked. Running over opponents and having huge pay days was tons of fun.

The Town Hall 7 upgrade was by far the most fun though. There was so much to build and stay busy with and upgrades still didn’t take all that long so you were always busy. The best part was you were busy but never really pressured with making enough loot to keep up with said upgrades. It took me about 2 casual months to decide to make the TH8 leap. That may have been a mistake.

Town Hall 8 is not as much fun so in comes the hesitation to continue playing. How long can I really keep this up? All of the upgrades take quite some time and are all getting pretty expensive. It doesn’t seem like you can play 30-60 minutes at this point to keep all of your builders busy. It seems like more of a 1-2 hours a night kind of thing. Maybe more depending on how much loot is available that day. That’s tough to keep up with.

And don’t even get me started with Dark Elixir.

I ran for about 2 hours this past Sunday though in order to get some upgrades going and to get my Barbarian King up to level 3 and had quite a bit of fun but, as I said, it’s impossible to give 2 hours a day to the game. That just happened to be a relaxing Sunday and the time flew by.

So you say “just don’t play on the days you can’t” but at that point you’re just getting constantly steamrolled by other players and losing any bit of loot you may have saved for that next upgrade. I guess this is where most people either take it or leave it… or quit or start “gemming”. I will not start throwing money at a game just to keep up with the Joneses. I think for now I’m going to try to drop some trophies and see how that goes. Perhaps I won’t get so slaughtered on those in between days. We shall see.

And that brings us back to the fun part of Clash of Clans which will keep me going for a little while longer anyway. It’s all strategy and there are so many possibilities, you might just need to find what works best for you. You can’t just keep playing the same game; your strategy needs to evolve just as your Town Hall evolves. I guess I’m still trying to figure that part out.

Apple TV

So I went out the other day and got one of those shiny new Apple TV devices and hooked it up. It is everything I imagined it would be. Using my iPhone, the Remote app and home sharing I can play my entire iTunes library through my stereo system. Using Airplay I can also just play my iPhone’s music library through it at as well without bringing pen and paper into this… or my computer. That’s pretty much all I bought it for… so I could listen to my iTunes on my main speakers. Check! Loud music is once again available in this house. So long laptop speakers.

With the mirroring though, you also get some cool game play which I haven’t delved too deep into. I don’t have too many games but so far Metalstorm is real cool. Your phone is the cockpit, the 55″ TV shows the planes battling away. I’m sure there are a lot of other great games that’ll have advanced features on them but I have to start looking. In the meantime the only thing I wish it had was HBO GO but Game Of Thrones is still on OnDemand so it’s not that big of a deal.

What I’m watching: 30 Rock

Bottlecaps game

As I get older, I’m reminded more and more of how old I actually am. Despite drinking beer quite a bit for more than a decade I haven’t thought once of bottle caps other then tossing them directly in the trash or snapping them at violent speeds across the room so that they either hit someone in the eye or just get hopelessly lost behind the couch. This morning though I was reminded of Bottlecaps THE GAME! Think about it. Here’s some help: Bottlecaps. That should bring you back. So many times these childhood memories pop up and I’m just shocked at how I completely forgot about them. I’m almost mind blowing either how bad my memory can be or how very long ago those moments were. All I know now is how I want to play Bottlecaps.

What I’m watching: Fantasy Football Now

Goodnight Mafia Wars

In 1997 there was Air Warrior II. In 1998 there was SubSpace. In 2000 and 2001? Diablo II. And now… 2009 will be the era of Mafia Wars.

2010 will not.

Back in April, I began playing Mafia Wars and quickly found myself addicted. Not a day went by for 8 months solid when I didn’t find myself doing jobs, collecting loot and fighting random people just because. I lie. 1 day, I forget why… I think I was on vacation but I didn’t play. Mafia Wars told me so. It’s good at that. Sucking you back in and making sure that the needle hole in your arm is good to go. I got to the point where I only needed to play about once a day for about 20 minutes to keep going but that was never enough. If there was a free minute in the day, I was on Facebook and helping friends complete jobs and fighting strangers. Waiting, just waiting until that 23 hour period was up and I’d get my energy pack. Then the cycle continues.

Approximately 269 days have gone by and today I feel like it’s as good a time as any to just stop. There may be some underlying reasons but the main one is I really don’t plan on playing this game for the rest of my life so why keep going? For some reason, I find games with absolutely no ending to be the most fun. Games that you can keep plugging along in forever and ever. Maybe it’s because I suck at video games and games that never end give you unlimited time and chances to become the best. Regardless, I have blocked Mafia Wars (and Farmville) posts from my Facebook News Feed. I will be deleting all of my Mafia Wars friends from Facebook. I will be back to my lonely old Facebook profile and I will probably have more time than ever for whatever I decide to do. I’m looking forward to playing more guitar. That sure took a hit to Mafia Wars. Perhaps I can even start playing basketball again. I’m not sure if we’ve played once since last April. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life. Goodnight Mafia Wars.

What I’m listening to: Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed