What are you doing with your life?

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For the rest of our lives, we’ll always be reminded of our age by watching the next generation of athletes turn pro however I think it hits me more if I think about the fact that George Harrison was only 23 years old when the Beatles began work on Sgt. Pepper’s. What I’m watching: George […]

June 29, 2012

Terententen is boring

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You know, after the intro to that last post, I figured I had better elaborate some. Once upon a time life was easy, fun and nothing really mattered. It’s real cliche but eventually we all grow up and life changes. The site has taken quite a hit in the amount of posts over the last […]

March 5, 2012

Bottlecaps game

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As I get older, I’m reminded more and more of how old I actually am. Despite drinking beer quite a bit for more than a decade I haven’t thought once of bottle caps other then tossing them directly in the trash or snapping them at violent speeds across the room so that they either hit […]

November 20, 2011

That’s Just The Way It Is

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Since starting this new job, I haven’t done much of anything worth writing about. I just come home and, it feels like, go to sleep. Hence the lack of updates. Starting work at 6AM is not good for life. What I’m Watching: Community

May 27, 2010

New job and such 2

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I start my new job tomorrow. I’ll still be working at PH Monday-Friday; there’s just someone else writing my check. Gotta be up a bit earlier but I guess I’ll get used to it. A lot of people wake up at 4:30AM. Ugh. There is another plus though… I got rid of my old work […]

May 5, 2010

New job and such

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Oh yeah, I haven’t posted much lately because life has been pretty stressful over the last couple of months. Planet Hollywood was bought out by Harrahs and all hell has broken loose. We’ve made major changes around the property, there are way more new faces than old and it’s been mighty depressing. With that said, […]

April 24, 2010

Answer my proverb dammit!

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When life gives you lemons, do you: Make lemonade? Throw the lemons back saying I don’t need no stinking sour lemons, I’m gonna try to make sweet, sweet wine? or Make lemonade AND make wine even though there just may not be enough time in the day? What I’m watching: Baseball Tonight

April 7, 2010

The times they are a changin’

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So tomorrow begins a new day. Another chapter in the rest of my life. When Planet Hollywood was bought out a few months ago, we knew change was coming however as much as you try to predict things, it’s almost impossible to do so. On Friday I packed up most of my belongings at work […]

April 4, 2010