Bottlecaps game

Games, That's Life / Sunday, November 20th, 2011

As I get older, I’m reminded more and more of how old I actually am. Despite drinking beer quite a bit for more than a decade I haven’t thought once of bottle caps other then tossing them directly in the trash or snapping them at violent speeds across the room so that they either hit someone in the eye or just get hopelessly lost behind the couch. This morning though I was reminded of Bottlecaps THE GAME! Think about it. Here’s some help: Bottlecaps. That should bring you back. So many times these childhood memories pop up and I’m just shocked at how I completely forgot about them. I’m almost mind blowing either how bad my memory can be or how very long ago those moments were. All I know now is how I want to play Bottlecaps.

What I’m watching: Fantasy Football Now

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