U.S. Stock Market Is Rigged

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Note to all us suckers… the stock market is rigged. The rich will always find ways to rig the game, you’re playing by their rules and you will lose. The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street is a fascinating read delving into some insanely major problems with Capitalism and greed within our lovely stock market. I […]

March 31, 2014

Check Those Gift Cards


Almost everyone has some type of gift card lying around. Maybe you burn through them as soon as you get them, maybe you have that one gift card for a place you just do not want to go to that’s been sitting in your drawer for 2 years. Either way, gift cards are as prevalent […]

March 9, 2014

First You Get The Money


I spend way too much of my thought process worrying about money. Outside of sugar (according to Homer Simpson), it’s obviously the first thing you need if you want the power and the women. If you don’t really need power or women though, you still need the money. The sugar is bad for your liver; […]

March 6, 2014

Get Ready to Get Rid of Cable

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I pay upwards of $160 a month for my FiOS Triple Play package and right now I’m being forced to watch TV for free over the air because I’m taping 2 things and want to watch a 3rd. That’s some selling point. A selling point to get rid of cable TV. I planned on starting […]

March 3, 2014