U.S. Stock Market Is Rigged

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Note to all us suckers… the stock market is rigged. The rich will always find ways to rig the game, you’re playing by their rules and you will lose. The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street is a fascinating read delving into some insanely major problems with Capitalism and greed within our lovely stock market. I […]

March 31, 2014

Osama Bin Laden Dead. Glorious.


President Obama just spoke to the nation and confirmed it. “Justice has been done”. What a great day it is. Sleep well America; almost 10 years later, that madman is finally dead. What I’m watching: CNN Breaking News

May 1, 2011

Laser Weapons

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Remember the movie Real Genius? Well you should because it’s a great movie. One of my favorites. And it’s also another movie that can teach us all a lesson but because like 20 people haven’t seen it, they go on ignoring the fact that we should all just be relaxing and having a good time […]

March 23, 2009