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That's Life / Friday, March 27th, 2009

Today is my birthday, the 27th one to be exact. My golden birthday some would say. Because it landed on a Friday I decided to take the day off and try to enjoy a 3 day weekend. I spent most of the day mindlessly watching TV, playing some guitar and mostly working on replacing my 2 150GB hard drives with 2 brand new 1TB WD Caviar Green hard drives. It has taken practically the whole day to shift all the data around.

Tonight we’re going out to see Daniel Tosh. It’s only been a year since we saw him last but hopefully he’ll have some new material in his act. The stuff is so hilarious though that it should be just as funny the second time, plus I don’t remember much regardless. It should be a good time. He’s a funny man.

The Where the Wild Things Are trailer is out. I don’t really remember anything about the book other than I enjoyed it as a kid but the movie looks amazing. Looking forward to it.

I’m currently watching: Seinfeld

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