Sports betting is not my thing

Sports / Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

So I’ve obviously been inundated with college basketball the last few days. The NCAA tournament is great all by itself but I actually went against all reasoning and decided to make it more interesting and place a few bets this year. Thursday morning started off great. First card we took LSU, Texas A&M; and Purdue and hit right away. And then as quick as it started it all went south. That night we missed Gonzaga by 2 points. 2 friggin points. Then Friday went the same way. First card of the morning we missed Tennessee by 2 points. Then the late card missed Ohio State in 2 OTs and Florida State in OT each by 2 points. Those last ones stung. I just can’t do the gambling thing. It’s not that losing is so shitty, it’s just how we always seem to lose. Always a buzzer beater or a close game… one overtime, two overtimes, rarely a blow out. A blow out I could handle. Oops, I was wrong. However, these constant close games just make it seem like bad karma or something; Like somebody wants me to just enjoy watching sports. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Bring on the Sweet 16 next weekend. I’m just gonna watch it and love every minute of it with all the excitement that these games bring on their own. The dogs are gone, the good teams are left and I can’t wait.

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