Dropbox File Sharing

Tech / Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Even though I perform regular backups of my system, I’m betting you don’t. Start using Dropbox to back up your stuff. Keep it all in the cloud. Get to it from anywhere. That’s what makes it even cooler. There’s even an iPhone app that lets you access your stuff. Have a picture on your computer? Get to it from your iPhone. Take a picture on your iPhone? It’s now instantly on your computer… even if you’re not. You can even set up file sharing to your friends on your Dropbox so they can get to your stuff. No more YouSendIt. Just drag your files into your shared Dropbox and your stuff is shared to whomever you want. I think. I can’t test it unless you guys sign up. So get on over to Dropbox using these links and sign up. Not only will you get your own Dropbox account but you’ll get me some more Dropbox space for the referral. Everybody wins. Sanx!

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  1. I signed up. We’ll have test this thingy. I have to give you stuff to put up for that elite music club thing you’re in.

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